What career should i pick correctional officer, detective, army infantry, bailiff? this is for a home and careers project?


by the way this is for when i grow up. we went on this website called career cruising that had a quiz that will decide what jobs will be suitable for me and those where the results. most of them where law, public safety, corrections and security, and government and public administration.

Update 2:

by the way this is for when i grow up. we went on this website called career cruising that had a quiz that will decide what jobs will be suitable for me and those where the results. most of them where law, public safety, corrections and security, and government and public administration.

Update 3:

sorry i put he update twice. i forgot to add on the question Federal Agent. Thank u for all the answers.

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    The state of law enforcement in this country has declined. A lot of contemporary law enforcement does not mean being part of the solution, but rather part of the problem. Much has changed because common sense has been exchanged for unethical behavior.

    Consensual activity is disdained by law enforcement. It is considered a crime when two adults making a marijuana transaction, even though both parties mutually agree to the transaction.

    Asset forfeiture is seizing the property of people who are assumed guilty and have to prove their innocence. Seized monies by police have skyrocketed in the past few decades. Citizens often lack the resources to combat this abusive practice, so police know there is a good chance of departments keeping seized items.

    Law enforcement has become militarized. The acquired vehicles are not free, as some believe. The receiving police departments must retrieve the vehicles. Other costs include storage, insurance, maintenance, fuel, training, etc. These costs are not insignificant.

    Police exercise wide discretion, which is contrary to what some believe. Law enforcement recently "cracked down" on people reselling NFL post-season tickets. This, again, represents another waste on citizens involved in consensual activity.

    Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) was once reserved for hostage situations. SWAT is now used for simple matters like marihuana.

    Many types of enforcement are ineffective. Checkpoints (roadblocks) are a prime example. Research convincingly shows that roadblocks are ineffective compared to saturation patrols for apprehending drunks. The same research indicates that drunk driving is not deterred by roadblocks. Law enforcement is lazily interacting with law-abiding citizens at roadblocks. INTERNAL Border Patrol checkpoints are also ineffective AWAY from the border.

    There is much unethical behavior, which is sometimes called "thuggish" behavior. It is being exposed because the average person can now address it through new technology, such as cellular phone filming, You Tube, internet forums, live streaming, etc. A disturbing instance is the brutal officer who cold bloodedly murdered homeless man Kelley Thomas. You can see the cop bait Thomas in the dashcam video. The cop yells to Thomas, "[these hands] are about to fvck you up!" He fvcked up Thomas to the point of murdering him.

    There are multiple websites today listing SYSTEMIC police abuse, and not just individual abuse (see below).


    Consider that joining the military can be the biggest life mistake for some people.

    A lot of enlistment is little more than supporting often oblivious Americans who often really don't care what you do. You will be intervening in other countries, so military action is often offensive and not defensive. And yes, these interventions are still about oil.

    Iraq's oil industry was nationalized before the US invasion. It was opened to western interests after the invasion. There were no WMD (weapons of mass destruction) except for a handful of inert, low quality, obsolete, and mostly useless items from the 1980s. Many officers and government officials now openly acknowledge the war was about oil. General John Abizaid said, "Of course it’s about oil, it’s very much about oil, and we can’t really deny that." Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hegel acknowledged oil saying, "We’re not there for figs." Former CIA Director Michael Morrell apologized to Colin Powell, saying, "We said he [Saddam Hussein] has chemical weapons, he has a biological weapons production capability, and he's restarting his nuclear weapons program. We were wrong on all three of those." The real kicker is that the American consumer never benefited from this oil. Some people made money off the oil, but American taxpayers got stuck footing the bill.

    The honor of being a US soldier has mostly faded. This is not World War II. You will collect a government check from an organization that has become bloated and an unwelcome presence in the world. The phrase "World's Policeman" has almost become a parody.

    People will utter vapid catch phrases like, "We're fighting for our freedom," but how is being World Policeman securing any freedoms back home? You will be risking your life and what is your thanks? You will get salutes from superficial NFL halftime shows. You'll get a paltry 10% discount at some restaurant. You might suffer PTSD, get shot, or even killed. Even if this does not happen, you will be burdened with the harrowing ambiguities of alliances, as organizations like the CIA supplying ISIS one year, but making them an enemy the following year. Your family and friends will go on with their lives, mostly oblivious to anything substantial happening in the world. To be candid, some of these people will be obese Americans, slothfully clamoring for war while they shake their fist at the TV. Consider Googling the organizations "Vietnam Vets against the War" or "Iraqi Vets against the War." They will tell you the truth, ranging from the recruiters seeking quota to killing ordinary citizens.

    There will be people chiming in on this thread calling me names. They will say that I could not cut it, but note that I have never even considered enlistment. Recruiters pursued me and other classmates, but we had much different goals. Other criticisms will be from haughty Americans who enjoy vilifying China simply because the US can't compete with the Asian nation. Others will simply be confused about their own service, and lash out because of cognitive dissonance or their own anger. They will call me names, but their hero worship runs so deep that there really is no thought behind their criticisms.

    Please think long and hard about your decision because you can never get these things back. Regrets are never in the beginning. They are always in the end.

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    As you chose not to say ANYTHING about yourself, you are not suited for ANY of the careers listed. Fast food prep is more suited for your attitude. It isn't possible to disappoint people that expect you to screw up.

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    read Thunder Once More by Evan Devereaux and you might be inspired to become an insurance fraud investigator. those guys are actually pretty hardcore

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