Does replacement laptop power-adaptor output wattage (W) have to match (the orig) or can it be greater?

The neck of my power adapter (right below the right-angle plug) is super frayed & is causing connection problems, I've been looking at replacements and was wondering if the specs. had to match EXACTLY or if some specs could be better/strong.

My current adapter is 19V, 3.42A, 65W. (And with center-positive polarity, which I know is one aspect that HAS to match). I saw some in stock at nearby stores that were 90W, and was wondering if that would be okay (it was a "universal" one w/multiple adapter tips, which makes me think it is okay), or if I need those specs^ EXACTLY.


Thanks for the answers folks. After doing some googling, I've been convinced to not go outside OEM with adapters. Perhaps I'd be fine as long as the plug fits, and the A/V/polarity match, but given I'll have to order it (ie: not just pick up at store, easy return), I'd rather not mess around (and I found one on eBay not TOO much more than the "replacement" models I had found).

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  • 5 years ago
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    Wattage can be higher, but not lower. Voltage must be the same (half a volt probably wouldnt matter, but better safe than sorry).

    Wattage is a potential, not a constant. Its possible that even though your laptop charger was 65W you actually only use 25W or 40W. Your laptop will only pull the wattage and amperage it needs, the power cord doesnt push all that wattage.

  • 5 years ago

    Some latops have different wattage adapter like my old dell latitude 65 watts is the orginal and with a docking station 90 watts the problem being greater wattage could effect the performance of the laptop go with the orginal wattage power adapter

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    5 years ago

    bluemazdatruck1995 is the only reasonable answer you have been given.If that's what the other two answers think then perhaps they should find another topic they may know something about

  • 5 years ago

    it must match, exactly

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