Are women permitted to do Sufi practices?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Yes but one must ask on what source is Sufism based on anyway? Certainly not the Holy Quran since virtually none of their beliefs are supported in it. For example, Sufis claim man must become spiritually enlightened in order to become "one with God". Yet God clearly says in the Quran that man is merely a creation of whom He is the Creator and that that He has no partners.

    Sufis also claim that saints who came after the Prophet Muhammad could perform miracles, forgive sins and some even claim they brought revelation. However, this is also not possible since God says that He has already perfected our faith through the Quran and calls Muhammad the Seal of Prophets. Moreover, there is also a widespread prevelance of grave worship among Sufis where they actually kneel in front of graves and ask saints to aid them. Again, the first few verses of the Quran clearly say that Allah is the only one to pray to and seek help and forgiveness from.

    Finally, Sufis believe singing and dancing are a form of worship. Though I have nothing against singing or dancing I still wonder what is the basis for such a belief when there is no evidence the Prophet ever danced or sang as a form of worship. In fact, God says that the proper method of worship is bowing before Him. So let's be honest, Sufism has no basis in Islam.

  • 5 years ago

    We all can be a good person even like Sufi my friends. As long it not against in sharia law. :)

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