Front-end vs. Back-end?

Hi Guys,

I have an urgent question.

Hi guys,

I understand the difference between back and front end web development. However, I am stuck in one point. I need your help urgently.

When I give a website to the developer to develop it or to replicate an existing website: How can I differentiate what a front-end developer can do on the website and what back-end developer can do on the website?

Thanks for your help. Appreciated!

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    User "?" is very wrong. There is a very noticable difference between front-end and back-end development.

    A back-end developer is usually gonna deal with stuff like databases, server-side stuff, and the really 'under the hood' stuff that the client/customer is not going to see. On the other hand, the front-end developer's gonna deal with what the customer sees, sometimes bleeding into the realm of web designer with things like UI/UX.

    If you're gonna make a fully modern, interactive, dynamic website, both are very important. However, it's important to know what the difference is. There are also more generalist full-stack developers that sort of sit somewhere in the middle and can hit both the front-end (i.e., customer-facing stuff) and back-end (i.e., database) stuff. You don't want to hire a back-end only developer to design your UI, and you wouldn't wanna hire a front-end only guy to deal with your database.

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    Front End Vs Back End

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    If you are creating a new website, then the front end web developers would be able to create the designs of the website that ensure that the data coming from the backend gets properly displayed on the browser. Front end development deals with the core function and roles of html coder, web designer and front-ender and etc. It is basically producing HTML, JavaScript and CSS codes for a website so that the users can see and interact with it directly. So while creating the site, you need to check whether the developer has created a user friendly interface to offer a better customer experience or not.

    Backend development deals with the use of server side language and the database. The back end code interacts with the server to return user ready results. In simple words, anything that is displayed on the site is just because of the query that is performed on the server and the result returned to the front end. So for backend, you need to check whether the data returned is accurate or not based on the query generated by the use.

    I think this will help.

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    Backend Vs Frontend

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  • 5 years ago

    Ok if there is no difference then how can I evaluate the skills of front end developer and skills of back-end developer?

    I know that they use different programming languages, but I am unable to see the different things they can do on the website :(

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