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How do I get my hair like the girl in this music video (Acchan from Seifuku Ga Jama Wo Suru)?


I am in the attached photo

For better image quality, here's a video the girl was in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErA6f7mqHDI

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) Watch at 0:08; 0:14, 0:31-0:37; 0:43; 1:29-1:30; 1:38-1:45; 1:52; 1:56; 2:50-2:52; 2:58-3:00; 3:15; 4:16-4:18 and 4:43-4:46


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    Hair gel or mousse. Lipstick do it the way you are happy with, most people can't tell how long you take, I look fabulous after just 15 minutes doing hair and make up. It's up to you unless you get a perm and desire spending 2 hrs. in front of a mirror.

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