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Have you ever knew about a black belt fighting in the streets?

What did happen?

I knew about the guys of the brazilian jiu-jitsu famous family. One is dead and the other was arrested and was unable to

beat the people that surround them.

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    No such thing has ever happened to the Gracies, AKA "the brazilian [sic-should be capitalized] jiu-jitsu famous family."

    You may be thinking of Maiquel Falcao and Kaue Mena. Neither died (Falcao has had seven MMA fights since then), but Mena suffered serious injuries.

    There was Ryan Gracie, who was on a bunch of drugs, got arrested for trying to steal a motorbike, and died in jail from the effects of the drugs the jail's doctor gave him when combined with all the other stuff he had taken, but that doesn't really match the situation you're describing.

    But yes, black belts from different systems have been caught on film or in police reports in ego-related (avoidable) street fights. Paul Vunak may be the most famous, as he is a high-level instructor who got into bar fights. Geoff Thompson, a British self-defense expert, worked as a bouncer for nine years, and much of what he learned about practical violence happened during that time; he was a karate black belt when he started that job.

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    There are black belts from a variety of martial arts that have used their training for self defense. There are likely many more that have gotten into senseless fights. Most of these altercations may never make the news or youtube.

    I understand that in beginning foundations of creating Kajukembo they would go into bars and start fights to make sure what they were doing was effective. In the process some got cut and some even lost their lives. They believe this process validated what they were learning and teaching. They believed that they have put together the best set of techniques and effective techniques for fighting in the streets an d other dangerous situation. While this in my opinion is a better evaluation of what is beneficial in the street in still has hole in its theory. It was effective for the person using it. Their skill level is not the same as yours or mines. Someone else might be just as effective or more effective using the same things or different. What is effective always lies within the hand if the person using it.

    Source(s): Martial Arts since 1982 Successfully stopped a knife attack and disarms the attacker. Disarmed a guy with a gun and saw him and 3 of his companions run off Ran from 2 other situations involving guns and survived and wish I could have ran from the other one but that would have been hard to do with the gun pointed at and touching the back of my head (I should have been aware of my surroundings) The list could go on. I grew up in a dangerous place. I've worked in dangerous places.
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    the true spirit of martial art is not to hurt people. so they will most definitely avoid any fight.

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