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How come my girlfriend got mad at me?

When my girlfriend and I cuddle and makeout alone in my apartment, she always takes off her shirt so I do too. I just want her to have more pleasure out of our intimacy. She takes both of our clothes and she knew I am clearly horny for her. She tries to get on top of me but I didn't let her. She just ends up getting mad at me. I apologize and I told her that she is very attractive. She didn't believe me.

1. How come my gf thinks I don't find her attractive? If I don't find her attractive, I wouldn't be horny when we are both naked.

2. Is it bad that I always want to give my girlfriend more pleasure everytime we are intimate with each other? Like taking off my shirt, fingering her, etc

3. How come my girlfriend always tries to jerk me off after I give her lots of orgasms?

4. Shouldn't she be sexually satisfied because of her orgasms?

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    Simple. She feels that you don't want her to satisfy you or that you don't find her attractive enough to do so. You clearly don't think that but let her get you off and take care of you in the bedroom so she feels like she's capable and able to make you horny. Every once in a while let her take control too

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    1. She may be insecure, and you two are probably not expressing yourselves to each other well enough.

    2. It's not bad at all. You want to please your girlfriend, make her feel good. It's one of many things that makes a great boyfriend.

    3. She is probably a very horny type of girl.

    4. She may be new to sex, so give it time.

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    I think she kind of feels like you might be using her. When you care about someone and they give you pleasure it's awkward if they don't let you please them as well. I don't think her wanting to jerk you off is her not being satisfied, it's her wanting to make sure you are satisfied. You should just have a good conversation with her and tell her how you feel.

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    First off girls are confusing as hell... you can never know what they really want.. try not to give her so much pleasure,, keep it simple just kiss cuddle, etc.. do little things.. for the last two.. it just happens when you horny you can never get enough so... you just want more.

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    Maybe when you won't let her get on top of you, she thinks that you're implying that you don't want to have sex with her.

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    Answer my comment on there.

    But I don't fully get the question. You don't want her to satisfy you?

    You want to satisfy her and she wants to satisfy you.

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    she's insecure, if she wants to get ontop of you and you say don't, she may think shes too heavy or something

  • 4 years ago

    Tell your gf to shut her pie hole

  • 4 years ago

    You ask this question every day

  • 4 years ago

    Maybe she is not as horny as you are

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