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How to become super famous?

I've heard that there's a very small chance of me ever becoming a star like Liam neeson or Leonardo DiCaprio, and that discouraged me. I want to know how to better my chances of becoming well known like them. I've been in 6 plays so far and i've been in acting classes so i'm not a beginner to acting, but I am a beginner to on-screen acting. How should I go about bettering my chances of being a star like the aforementioned actors?


I can also sing very well. Not like "Oh, you may THINK you sing good" good, but I really sing good. Will that help?

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    You should hold on to your burning ambition to be famous one day, but you should also realize that it is an extreme long shot. There are so many wannabees, in theatre schools and out of them. Fame is largely a matter of luck as well as extreme talent, the right 'look', and being in the right place at the right time. And just achieving one of thosse simply isn't enough. You have to possess the lot. So that, if you even moved to Hollywood, you'd find endless people of talent working in bars and restaurants, for minimum pay, vainly hoping and praying for a big break.

    When you say you have appeared in six plays, was that professionally or as an amateur?

    At the very least you need to have gone, as an adult to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, to give you half a chance of succeeding on stage. There is little point, except for fun, in becoming a movie 'extra'. Extras are seldom to never even acknowledged except as a herd, but it could at least give you something to put on a CV (resume), when trying to compete for those scarce openings. And of course, the minute you can, you need to have an agent to promote you. An agent will take you on once you have had a couple of minor successes.

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    If you want to better your chances of becoming a successful actor then:

    - Get over yourself and drop the ego. You're not as unique, special and wonderful as you think you are. Ego is NOT the same as confidence

    - Grow-up and recognize you don't know it all and that you can actually learn things from other people.

    - Accept that you're a beginning actor (regardless of how many plays you've been in). Your name attached to movie is not going to draw a big audience - so you personally are not going to make anyone a bunch of money at this point. The writer, director, producers and marketing staff (pretty much everyone else involved in making a movie) are more likely to do that then you are.

    - Focus on wanting to be the best actor you can be with a good understanding of the business rather then on fame. Fame is a very immature reason for wanting to do anything. Grow up and understand that just because you want something doesn't mean people are going to give it to you.

    - Recognize that your attitude DOES matter. Regardless of how much money you can bring in if people are miserable working with you - it won't be worth it. And they don't have to put up with you because there are A LOT of very talented actors out there that are far more enjoyable to work with.

    - Networking is key to a successful career. And that means not just getting to know the big wigs. The "little people" are the oil that keeps the show business machine running and that if you're mean to them, they can actually make things much more difficult for you. Plus the "higher ups" tend to like their little people, since they make their lives easier. If you're mean to the little people and it gets back to the higher ups, they won't be interested in you at all.

    - Recognize that every acting job is temporary and just because you might be in one blockbuster, doesn't mean you'll be in anything else any time soon. So it's not like you can "make it" and then be a jerk to people. There are a lot of "has beens" in the industry that tried that approach. Which is another reason why fame is stupid reason to go into acting. Fame is temporary and a lot of stupid decisions are made by people who crave fame.

    - Learn how to accept and incorporate criticism and direction gracefully.

    - Learn how to collaborate and work effectively as part of a team.

    Those are just a few tips. Basically at this point you have a very skewed understanding of the acting industry. You seem to think of it as some type of contests or lottery that you can win. It's not - it's a business and seriously in any business teamwork and collaboration is the key not demands and bragging. In reality actors may get the most attention by the public, but they have very little real power behind the scenes. It's not that the answers you've been receiving are not helpful or not addressing your question - it's just that you refuse to accept the reality of what is really involved in attempting an acting career.

    Until you start to actually address those issues - you have little to no chance of mild success let alone fame.

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  • Cogito
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    You've been asking the same questions for many days now - and evidently haven't understood a thing we've been trying to tell you.

    When you are mature enough to understand that only an idiot wants to be famous, and having acted in half a dozen plays is nothing at all, and having a terrible attitude as you've exhibited clearly in your last question just demonstrates that you aren't serious about acting, then, and only then will you be able to make a start as an actor.

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    Liam Neeson and Leo DiCaprio have huge talent. That's why they're famous.

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  • Adam
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    4 years ago

    If fame is your goal, you are setting yourself up for failure. It's hard enough to make it as an actor, but the jump from working actor to famous is NOT in your control.

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