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What is a nice gift for hospice staff?

They bake cookies, etc. every day, and get plenty of flowers. What can our family do to thank them for the wonderful care they provided my aunt?


We already planned to send a letter, so the idea of something for the break room sounds good. Thanks to all!

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    I work in Nursing. It's very sweet of you to want to show your appreciation and gratitude. You're correct, we get enough candy and flowers. Try a lunch from a nice place like pandera or chipotle. Or if not food, a coffee maker or box of k cups for the break room.

    Just so you know though, gifts are not necessary. We re happy to help you and your family in a time of need. It's what we do. I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and yours

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    After a recent stay in the hospital, my mother ordered and had delivered PIZZAS for the staffers. She had them sent to both shifts so all were "covered." They were just thrilled to enjoy some great pizza as either a snack or lunch item.

    Have a polite day.

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    A letter to the hospice management, copied to them of course, praising their kindness and competence by name and asking the management to pass on your thanks to them. This will not only express your gratitude but may be of lasting benefit to them; the management may put weight on it when deciding who to promote or give a pay rise to, and each staff members can keep the letter and use it as proof of their bona fides.

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    Gift cards for key staff, in small amounts for local Wendy's or B King. The staff at the rehab place where my mother stayed loved the Wendy's cards because they could get baked potatoes or salad.

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    Write a letter to their supervisor and to the director giving details about how great they are. This will go in their record and may get them a raise or promotion.

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    Letters of commendation to their employers and letters of thanks to the staff members. Over my nursing career I received several such letters from patients and family members and I not only cherish them, I use copies of them as testimonials when I apply for a position.

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    Depends on what you can afford.

    I mean from my experience there are only a few people that directly assist your loved one. So do you want to just treat them or do you want to provide something for the whole office?

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    Nothing needed

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