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Tax emergency!!!! 19 year old. Help me understand?

I just recently turned 19 and I have a Tax emergency🤔 (December baby) and i had this job at McDonald's which I started in October 2015... But I quit in recent Feburary 2016. I went to my tax accountant to file these taxes and I have a kid so I know I'll get more income... But the thing that confused me the most was that I got rejected... Why? Because someone claimed me.... So this being my first time filing taxes. Does that mean since my someone claimed me... They have all the money I earned? From busting my *** at McDonald's..? I'm sorry but I'm heated and confused and want to understand is there any way to receive the money back.. At all??? I'm really scared if I don't get anything... I have bills to pay and have things to buy for myself... My Accountant said something about IRS... help me understand what an irs is... Lol I'm new to this whole thing.. So please don't judge me in this case..


The person that claimed me, do they have all my money?

- could I possibly get the money back?

- don't you think it's selfish for someone to claim me? (Your opinion)

- does the person that claimed me get in trouble because I didn't give them approval for them to claim me?

How long does this whole process take?

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    I'll try to answer in the order the questions appear in your post:

    I got rejected... Why?

    Your return was rejected because the IRS noticed a duplicate claim against your Social Security Number. The most likely reason is that your parents probably already claimed an exemption for you because they believe you qualify as their dependent. So if you tried to claim your own exemption the IRS sees it as a duplicate claim.

    Does that mean someone claimed me? - Yes probably.

    They have all the money I earned?

    No, nobody has YOUR money. You already received the money you earned for "busting your *** at McD's" - it came in the form of your paycheck. Any tax refund that someone else received is THEIR money, even if they got a larger refund by claiming you its still their money not yours. If their claim was invalid because you don't qualify as their dependent then its the IRS's money that the person will eventually have to repay, but its still not your money. YOUR tax refund is still in the IRS bank accounts ready to be sent to you as soon as you submit a valid tax return to claim it. (more on that below).

    is there any way to receive the money back.. At all?

    Yes, simply submit an accurate tax return. The first thing you need to do is read the rules to determine whether or not you really qualified as dependent under your parents. Google search for "IRS publication 501" or "IRS 1040 Instruction booklet" and read the section on dependents. There are plenty of other online tools to help you determine if you are a dependent. In your case it will depend on exactly when your 19th birthday was (were you 18 or 19 on December 31st 2015?) and whether or not you were a student in 2015 (including high school). You can always ask more questions on this forum.

    If you are dependent under your parents then indicate that on your tax return and resubmit it. It should go through. Your refund will be smaller but that's all you were ever entitled to anyway. Unfortunately you got bad advice from an incompetent accountant who SHOULD have helped you determine that you were a dependent and never should have given you bogus numbers for giant refunds.

    On the other hand if you are not their dependent and you're sure you can prove it to the IRS during an audit then submit your tax return by mailing paper forms to the IRS. They will notice the duplicate claim and investigate. If they determine that your claim is valid they will issue your full refund and make your parents repay the excess money they received for their invalid claim.

    Like I said, YOUR money isn't in someone else's pocket, its still in the IRS account waiting for you. It just might not be nearly as much money as you thought because it sounds like this accountant you talked to is a moron who shouldn't be anywhere near another person's tax return.

    help me understand what an irs is?

    IRS stands for "Internal Revenue Service" Its the branch of the federal government that collects taxes.

    The person that claimed me, do they have all my money?

    No, as discussed above, the money someone receives for claiming you is THEIR money if their claim was valid. It it was in invalid claim then its the IRS's money which they will eventually have to repay with penalties and interests, but either way its not YOUR money.

    Could I possibly get the money back?

    Yes - when you file a tax return you'll get all the money you're entitled to under the tax laws. If you're someone else's dependent then that amount be a lot smaller than you thought - but not because someone else took your money, its because the accountant you talked to gave you bogus numbers that were never valid in the first place.

    Don't you think it's selfish for someone to claim me? (Your opinion)

    No, not at all. The person who claims you has a legal right to claim you based on the fact that they provided financial support for you. Even if they didn't give you any money they provided food, housing, medical insurance and other things for you. The money they save on taxes doesn't come anywhere close to covering what they spent supporting you for the year. So there's nothing selfish about it.

    - does the person that claimed me get in trouble because I didn't give them approval for them to claim me?

    Absolutely not - nobody needs permission to claim you. if you qualify as their dependent under the law then nobody has a choice, you couldn't "give" them permission to claim you if you didn't qualify and they couldn't "give" you permission to file as independent if you do qualify. Its based on laws and facts, not anyone's permission.

    How long does this whole process take?

    If you determine that you are their dependent then you can re-do your return in about an hour and submit it electronically. You have a 90% chance of receiving your refund within 21 days.

    If you determine that you are NOT their dependent you need to submit a return by mail to trigger an investigation. Plan on 3-6 months before you see your money *IF* the IRS agrees that your claim is valid.

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    The person who claimed you is probably your parents. If they supported you more than 6 months during the year they have the legal right to claim you & no they didn't get your money. A refund is given when you overpay your taxes. Since you only worked 3 months at a part time job in 2015 you won't have much of a refund coming anyway. File your taxes- you should get whatever you paid in to Federal Withholdings back. I doubt you earned enough to qualify for earned income credit anyway with such a short term job. Make sure to answer the question "can someone else claim you as a dependent?" Yes, if your parents supported you for more than 6 months (if you lived with them).. you will still get your withholdings.

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    your accountant may not have explained it well enough for you to understand but here is how it probably happened, someone, more than likely your parents claimed you as a dependent and at age 19 if you lived in their household six months and went to full time school 5 months(graduated high school) they are able to claim you as their dependent

    meaning you could not claim your own personal exemption nor that of your child because a dependent cannot claim a dependent

    now to 'your' money, you filed a tax return on your income(the other party did not claim your income, nor the income taxes withheld) as a dependent you were eligible probably for some of the income tax withheld as your refund but none of the 'extras' you were looking forward to

    now the problem is were you claimed correctly as a dependent or not

    herein lies your problem and if you were not a student 5 months, lived in their household six months you were not their dependent

    once you determine these parameters you can challenge the IRS to make them prove their eligibility

    and no, there is no way they got any of 'your money'

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    Did you live with a parent or other relative at least half of 2015? Were you in school at all in 2015, and if so, when to when? You are probably dependent on that person for the year. You don't get extra money just for having a child. How much did you make in 2015 at McDonalds? What's in boxes 1 and 2 on your W-2 form? You will still get YOUR refund, just not get extra for your child. And if someone has the legal right to claim you, they don't need your approval.

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    Since someone claimed you, you cannot claim yourself (unless you can prove you provided over half your own support for the year). Since you cannot claim yourself, you cannot claim your child. You still get a refund if due one, your taxable income is just a little more since you cannot claim yourself. No one else gets your money. No, it isn't selfish of them. They supported you for the year. Your approval is not needed, they either qualify to claim you or they do not, if they do, you cannot stop them. IF you can PROVE you paid over half your support for the year (show you paid rent, etc), then you can file on paper and claim yourself. My guess is you still live with mom and/or dad, right? If so, they can likely claim you.

    You got paychecks, you earned your money. You can still file a tax return, you just cannot claim yourself. IRS is the government agency who administers taxes.

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    It means that they have only their own money. It means that they do not have any of the money that you earned, from busting your *** at McDonald's, or from anything else.

    You can receive YOUR money, but

    (1) if it was against the law for them to claim you, then you have to file on paper, and cannot file electronically.

    (2) if it was not against the law for them to claim you, then you have to file without claiming yourself, and you have to indicate that there is someone who can claim you.

    If you don't get anything, it will because you tried to file electronically or because you tried to claim yourself.

    The person that claimed you does not have your money.

    It is not "selfish" for someone to follow that law that says who can claim whom.

    They do not get in trouble because you didn't give them approval. They do not need your approval. You have no say in this. The law is very clear that anyone who would be able to claim you with your approval must also be allowed to claim you without your approval.

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    How recently did yo turn 19? If it was in 2016, the question about school is not even an issue.

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    the only people that would have claimed you are your parents of the baby's father - talk to them

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