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When will Israel stop occupying Palestine and East Jerusalem and let the Palestinians have real freedom?

Most countries of the world recognize Palestine as a legit state and refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital since by international law and what Haaretz an Israeli newspaper says the capital is really Tel Aviv

Israel's govt must join the modern times and stop apartheid

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    Here is how the world works (hint, it has nothing to do with ancient religious texts, karma, or any of the rest of that nonsense).

    In the event of a war, winners get to decide, losers vanish into the dust bin of history. The Ottomans won, the Caliphate lost, Ottomans carved up the territory as they saw fit, they populated Palestine/Israel with the Egyptians they didn't want staying in Egypt. Then the Ottomans lost, the French and British won, and THEY got to carve up any territory they wanted to, those that disagreed, well, we all remember them, don't we? NO, we don't, no one remembers any of them. then the Israelis won, Arab states lost,guess how that turned out?

    No one cares about the Palestinians, not the Jordanians and Egyptians (where the Palestinians are indeed citizens, but are not welcome), not the Saudis, not the UN, no one but the pope cares what happens to them, or their imaginary country

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    When will the Palestinians stop launching rockets into Israel and let the Israelis live in peace? Maybe you aren't aware the fact that the Hamas Charter called upon the destruction of the Jews and to drive them out in the Middle East whatever possible.

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    Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the Israelis would leave the Palestinians alone if the Palestinians stopped supporting terrorism.

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    well, look at this pattern :

    1 - When Israel retreated from south lebanon , hezbollah took control over it and started to throw missiles all over Israel north.

    2 - when Israel retreated from Gaza strip, Hamas took control over it and since then they are being throwing missiles to all Israel.

    so, having this two facts , what makes you think it will be different this time if Israel retreats from the west bank ?

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  • BMCR
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    4 years ago

    There is no "international law" that says Jerusalem cannot be Israel's capital.

    I highly doubt Haaretz said that. Perhaps you can provide a link?

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