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When will Israel stop occupying Palestine and East Jerusalem and let the Palestinians have real freedom?

Most countries of the world recognize Palestine as a legit state and refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital since by international law and what Haaretz an Israeli newspaper says the capital is really Tel Aviv


Israel's govt must join the modern times and stop apartheid

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    Israel will cede land to the Palestinians when they negotiate honestly and fairly with them and give them no indication of pursuing hostility afterward.

    Do realize that Israel is very willing to help set up a Palestinian state. They have been since Day 1 essentially, though because of the multitude threats and attempts of annihilation as well as the rampant praising of Israeli deaths by the Palestinian community they do require a few things be hammered out and discussed prior to any such deal. Israel's security concerns are no joke, and something they're entitled to no matter what you think. No one can really fault Israel for not going through with something when they honestly see it backfiring and putting a lot of their citizens in harm.

    I think that the world doesn't realize what they often ask Israel to do. There is a naive assumption that a peace deal will automatically result in peace, and no hostilities will ensue. That is not true. The reality is that simply giving the land to the Palestinians will not necessarily end up in a viable peace, or one that will last for a while. One huge concern is that without Israel's presence, Hamas or a group like them will take over the West Bank and drag everyone into another war. There is just so many things that can go wrong and that's why Israel's security is a point they refuse to budge on, and have to discuss in regards to forming a peace treaty.

    The refusal of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital is only a formality to keep most of the Muslim world satisfied. So while it's not de jure, Jerusalem IS Israel's de facto capital to everyone. Others do talk about Jerusalem as Israel's capital, because it does function as Israel's whether you like it or not.

    As for Ha'aretz: It's English-language edition often shills out to a anti-Israel crowd who think that they're getting a good insight into Israeli society; however, they often fail to accurately portray Israeli interests or beliefs. However, I could not find anywhere that they refer to Tel Aviv as the capital. I DO find an opinion-piece that says they should relocate the capital to somewhere else (entitled "Israel Should Give Up Jerusalem as Its Capital") but that's not the same thing. Mostly, Ha'aretz does refer to Israel's capital infrastructure as being in Jerusalem.

    Also: While most nations do not recognize Jerusalem officially, the do the same with Palestine (barring those who don't recognize Israel, of course). Technically Jerusalem has a corpus separatum status, which means that no one was supposed to have it. However, because of the war to annihilate Israel (and its failure to do so), people took parts of it. Another war saw it fall into Israel's hands completely, with Israel fixing the damage the Jordanians did to many places such as the Mount of Olives (which, curiously enough, the Palestinians did NOTHING to stop). Still, Jerusalem is internationally its own thing, and not even Palestine's to begin with.

    And the Israeli government is in modern times. It's not practicing apartheid, as a lot of people who actually experienced it and have gone to Israel will tell you. At the very least, they'll recognize that the huge defining factors are absent, with very different conditions. I ACTUALLY KNOW a woman who suffered apartheid and has been to Israel, and she'll kindly let you know that you're wrong. Unless you say Israel's doing a "worse apartheid" - as some people ACTUALLY claim - and then she'll go on and on about how that's simply not true, listing the most horrific things about South Africa's and noting how they're absolutely absent in Israel.

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    Anytime the Palestinians want peace and freedom, all they have to do is throw out the thugs from Hamas who keep attacking Israel. The same bunch the Palestinians voted in. It would also help if they changed their policy of not recognizing Israel as a state and stop calling for the total destruction of Israel.

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    Tel Aviv IS Israel's capital. No, they won't stop occupying Palestine and East Jerusalem unless the world uses military might to stop it.

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  • Robert
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    There is no Jewish /Israeli "occupation" of “Palestine”, because to accept this concept would imply that the Jewish People have allegedly "stolen" their own homeland.

    By definition there can have been no alleged Jewish /Israeli “theft” of Palestine, since the term "Palestine" post-dates the Jewish Kingdom of Judea. The Jewish People were therefore in the land before the Palestinians. There has never been a sovereign state called "Palestine".

    You can read about the Jewish Hasmonean dynasty here:

    You can view the position of the Jewish Kingdom of Judea, here:

    and view the position of the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea, here:

    The Palestinians come from the peoples who later invaded and occupied the land, and they also take their name from the name given to the land by the Roman occupiers, when the Romans renamed as “Palæstina”, the Jewish / Israelite land called Judea / Israel.

    "After the Bar Kokhba's revolt (132–135 [CE]), the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of the Judea province and merged it with Roman Syria to form Syria Palaestina ...":

    Since the Jewish People cannot logically "steal" their own homeland they also cannot logically be accused of placing it under any form of alleged "occupation".

    There is no international law, as you suggest, that says Tel Aviv is Israel's capital.

    Jerusalem was the capital of the ancient Jewish Kingdom of Judea. Today the ancient Jewish capital is referred to as “East Jerusalem” also “the Old City”.

    (Indeed the ruins of the ancient Jewish Temple lie under the Dome of the Rock mosque.)

    You can view the position of the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea, here:

    It is therefore both inappropriate and illogical for the Jewish People to be asked to give Jerusalem up, and also absurd to describe it as under any alleged "occupation".

    Since many countries do not recognise East Jerusalem as being a part of Israel's capital of Jerusalem, many embassies, as a consequence are located in Tel Aviv.

    This situation reflects the 21 Arab influence in the United Nations compared with Israel being just one country, plus Arab oil influence.

    The claim by the Palestinians over Jerusalem is merely an intentional method of making meaningful peace negotiations impossible.

    I hope this helps.


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      "Apartheid" is a system of separation, and there is no such system or even discrimination, in Israel. Perhaps the following webpage will help the "Asker" understand what "Apartheid" actually means:

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