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Will Hillary Rodham Clinton be forced out of denial as the FBI closes in, as her support drops, and as all of her ambitious scheming fails?

When her arrest finally comes, will it be on the level of O.J. Simpson, someone people also didn't want to believe could commit horrible acts? Is Joltin' Joe Biden warming up in the bullpen to strut out onto the field as an emergency relief candidate? Or what about that other scumbag, gun-grabber Mike Bloomberg?

Is the denial concerning Clinton similar to alcoholic denial or holocaust denial? Have people been suckered in by her, just like they were by Obama, when they saw him on that infamous poster promising "hope and change," while staring aimlessly out into space?

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    Did you hear about what some of the content was in those , "I dont recall" emails that WERENT Top Secret according to her? However she made sure she told them how to get around the Govt Computers with " Top secret" content? Omg, ha ha ha!!! She obviously takes her Party as fools.

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    5 years ago

    No, their is no way to force a perpetual LIAR out of lying. This scumbag hillary will never go to prison for all the evil things she has do, before this scumbag illegal alien muslim hussein 0bama leaves office he will pardon her of all her past evil deeds.

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    Trump was the only GOP candidate with ANY chance of beating Clinton.....until yesterday, when he openly insulted America's sixty-nine MILLION Catholics by telling the World that the POPE was "wrong"....

    Clinton will win EASILY.....Thanks, Donald!

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    Why would a gun keep someone from getting shot by a hitman?

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