What do you think of my manga characters? Are they interesting or need some spicing up? 10 pts to who offers the most valuable feedback?

Descriptions are in the link below

Character A: http://sta.sh/022tocg3ny2p

Character B: http://sta.sh/0vc2icd0d6i

Character C: http://sta.sh/023owon4fgau

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  • 4 years ago
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    I made a rough once-over of the three different characters you created.

    Pre-caution: The following comments will be based of a 20-something year old lady who just finished degree studies and is yet to get hired by a/any at all company. It will be biased by unstable unemployment emotional issues, perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps this is all just the result of pure boredom. But here goes, anyway:

    In a once-over read of the three characters, the first thing that crosses my mind when I read about them is how mainstream and unoriginal HALF of the essence of each characters are composed of. I think I've seen/read lots of characters from books, novels, movies, shows, animes that has HAD at least one of the characters you just created.

    Now moving on to a short overall review of each of them:

    Character A: Too painfully typical. I see a lot of this type of girls in shoujo-genred japanese anime.

    Character B: Pretty used to this type of characterization too, in the anime world. But since I am a lady, I'll say this guy can be a man/ladies good senpai friend, or a person's worst boss. Maybe both?

    Character C: I only read this character halfway through, actually. I think this character is okay, but the part where she is a self-proclaiming "pervert" added a strong SPICINESS to her character, and yeah, so I liked this. :D You can definitely keep this part about her, coz I think it will make her a really fun and interesting character to read more on, in a real story setting I suppose.

    Good luck in your writing/fanfic/novel/project/work!

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