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EVEN FBI says the "war on cops" is not real. Are you smarter than the FBI? What do you know about the fabled war on cops that FBI doesn't?


billy- None of those "chants" appear to have had an effect of the job safety

of the police profession. Only statistical figures can prove or disprove this

supposed "war on cops". If the FBI director and the statistical figures don't

bare it out, then it's a fairly tale.

Update 2:

Sam- you're out number Sam. That's because you are WRONG and misinformed.

Update 3:

Anonymous- You are a whack job, conspiracy theorist cop apologist.

The "THEM VERSES US" thing is a POLICE invention and it always has been for

a century.

Update 4:

You Need Me! "I read the news." Then you have a reading comprehension deficiency.

Are those words too big for you?

Show us the this "NEWS" that says that there is a war on cops.

Update 5:

America- "What I see with my eyes." Then you need glass, little child.

Show me some evidence of this crap that you claim to be seeing.

How hard is it to find a link?

Update 6:

Ok keiforob. You're so clever being anonymous! NOT! FAIL

Update 7:

0110- your comment is bogus & unfairly attempts to encompass ALL police

deaths as being "homicides". You also want to impugn the FBI BC they don't agree

with YOU. There are bunch that shot THEMSELVES like

Glenowicz,.. & some that died in car accidents while OFF-DUTY

& others who died from natural causes. The data that you refuse to look at identified

2015 as the SAFEST year statistically for the law enforcement profession.

But those details of fact doesn't really suit your agenda, do they?

Update 8:

0110- "The FBI's main goal has always been is good publicity, and therefore better funding, Not the truth. That has been part of the FBI culture form its inception."

**WOW,.. that is the most blatant and obvious cop apologist statement,... THAT HAVE

EVER BEEN MADE! You don't LIKE the statistical facts and their analysis,... so

attack the reputation of the FBI,... pitiful attempt. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You've reached a new low.

Update 9:

Anonymous- I agree. They NEED a fake war to justify their abusive war

on black citizens and whites who are low income.

Update 10:

Junk- "The cops are just , in the middle of it" Nah. You are trying to push a narrative that

the police are just innocent bystanders. If the police are so innocent then we wouldn't have

police agencies reporting that THEIR OFFICERS are INTENTIONALLY DAMAGING their

own cruiser recording equipment. In Chicago the official police auditors identified 80%

of their officers had intentionally destroyed their cruiser's recording devices.

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    There is no "war on cops." That is a tagline for every movement under the sun.

    It has never been safer to be a cop.

    Article: "It has never been safer to be a cop"

    "...the FBI has its own database for felony killings of police in the last few decades. The Bureau of Justice Statistics has also conducted a national police census every four years since 1992, giving us some reliable estimates for the total number of sworn officers up through 2008.

    And no matter how you slice it, police work has been getting a lot safer. Fatalities and murders of police have been falling for decades—per resident, per officer and even in in absolute terms."

    "...some people prefer the data from the Officer Down Memorial Page.

    AEI’s Mark Perry has crunched their numbers for firearm-related deaths (a good proxy for homicides), and his findings closely mirror my own.

    Again, the data show that 2015 is one of the safest years for American policing in history, both in absolute terms and adjusted for population."

    "It’s safer to be a cop than it is to live in Baltimore. It’s safer to be a cop than it is to be a fisher, logger, pilot, roofer, miner, trucker or taxi driver. It’s safer to be a cop today than it’s been in years, decades, or even a century, by some measures."

    "But none of these things—and certainly not a mythical “war on cops”—should stop us from having a hard conversation about law enforcement and criminal justice reform in America.

    Exaggerating the dangers of being a cop does no one any good."

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    Yep the FBI is all knowing. What I know about police work can fill a hundred books compared to what an FBI Special Agent knows or understands.

    I have worked with many agents, some very nice people. Not one could evaluate a crime scene as well as any of my colleague detectives, Not one could interrogate or interview well.

    What evidence, well I am retired no longer on the front lines but please note the number of officers killed by gunfire just this year (9) so far exceeds the number killed in the same time period going back to the 1990's, when the homicide rate in all major cities was well over twice it is now. Last year 135 killed in the line of duty. In 1995 for example 183.

    The interesting thing is that in the past most officers killed or seriously inured by gunfire where responding to such violent crimes as domestics and armed robberies. Now, if you look closely into the FBI's own UCR statistics many are shot at in ambushes where the intent is not escape but to kill a cop.

    An ambush shows a war on the police.

    The FBI's main goal has always been is good publicity, and therefore better funding, Not the truth. That has been part of the FBI culture form its inception.

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    Ever since the FBI made that statement that details how their is NO EVIDENCE

    of a war on cops,... cops and their apologists, worshipers, crooked cop enablers,..

    HAVE BEEN ATTACKING THE FBI. Yet the FBI is STILL their go-to agency for

    law enforcement help.

    Someone has attempted to compare THIS YEAR 2016

    to other years. Well THIS year is LESS THAN 2 months old so how the hell

    do you use THIS YEAR to compare with previous years? A month & a half is

    not enough of a time sample to make a competent comparison.

    There is NO war on cops, but of course the police need THEIR fake war

    in order to justify the unjustifiable shooting and beatings. They lie for each

    other, and they lie to US, so a false narrative, is not surprising at all.

    They must lie as a condition of their employment or they will be fired,

    as we've seen in dozens & dozens of whistle blower cases.

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    The FEDs (homeland) are extremely jealous of the CIA (foreign) portion of the budget.

    The Feds been looking bad lately , couldn't come out of Oregon with no lives lost, didn't detect the CA mass shooting. cant get Apple to open the phone. Lost the last gun bill proposed to the hill and cried about it for the 2nd time on the front page of the New York times since the 1920's. (....nevermind alcohol being a runner up To gun deaths for years) They want Hillary indited but the house is covering her up saying the evidence is not prosecutable because it's still classified, truth is she threaten to roll on everybody.

    The Feds are begging for a bit of fame before this presidency ends.

    I'm not with a war on cops , their just in the middle, The only war we got is an information war with them.

    Dont give them nothing unless its part of the clean up plan, stall tactic, or a distraction.

    Its the justice system that needs much to repealed.

    Laws like the 1996 latenburg amendment make misdemeanors harder to remove then a felony

    How is a lesser charge allowed to be Soooo damaging ?

    Its got even worse implications as well but over all its a direct violation of constitutional God given rights.

    The cops are just , in the middle of it

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    nice a 3 word quote with no source other then FBI. alright for one there was never a war on cops, there's public backlash on events which involve police but its not on cops as a whole. second I know the FBI has a rich history of lies, deceit, and public manipulation so I have no logical reason to be listening to them anyways. third... well there is no third this question doesn't provide any proof for its clam what so ever except the FBI told me, so I cant argue anymore because I already argued all the points you provided. which was one point because your ******* retarded.

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    You're misquoting him. The only quote is from the FBI director and he said that you shouldn't scapegoat cops because its much more complex than that. Its easy to just say all cops are racist and thats the problem with the black community but its just not the case there are high levels of crime that aren't related to some kind of institutional racism.

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    Mostly in America you just do your best to avoid such as them. They ask for help turn your back. Get out of there sight for fear of your life. Let them hold there wimpper off meetings pat each other on the back at how good they sounded to themselfs. Get your private laugh at them. It is not a gun war. Just they have lost public trust being the fools on the street at public expence.

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    There is no war on cops, but it helps the frightened white people to see themselves and others as victims.

  • Anonymous
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    So I guess those chants ''Pig in a blanket fry them like bacon'' AND ''what do we want" DEAD COPS ''when do we want it? NOW never really happened right liberal?

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    You do realize that FBI stands for fumbling, bumbling idiots do you not?

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