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How do I buy a pony with no money? (Star Stable)?

Star stable players help!!

I was trying to finish the quest (test the pony race) but I cannot finish it with no pony. So I went to buy a pony, but I didn't have enough star coins. The cheapest pony was 350 star coins, I was only given 200 star coins. I'm not a star member, and I cannot afford becoming a star member. How can I finish this quest without becoming a star member? Is there another way to finish this quest, can I not buy a pony?

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    As said above there is no way around it you need a pony to finish the quest. They do give away star coins with codes around the holidays, other then that you need to either become a star rider or buy some star coins with real money

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    Star Stable Pony

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    No, you cannot buy a pony. You need to save up your money/ star coins. Star Stable release codes for sc during the holidays, so you might want to do that.

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