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I have a question about school fighting?

So I'm 15 I've been in trouble with the highschool a few times but for different stuff then I got in a fight and they put me on a behavior plan 3 marks I get put in AEP now this boy has tried to hit my girlfriend before cause he gets mad and I wanna teach him a lesson about hitting woman and my girlfriend and I wanna know if they would count that fight as a mark on my behavior plan or would they just put me in AEP or would my school send me off or recommend me to a juvenile detention center? Can u help me

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    Defending someone or yourself is one thing; lashing out is something altogether different. I would not worry about some meaningless "marks" or school grades for that. Don't be intimidated by people when you are doing the right thing like defending yourself or someone close to you. Make sure however, that it is legit and not some stupid banter where you can walk away.

    Getting into fights for other reasons is often not smart or even practical. I don't know your other activity, but it sounds like you might need to knock off some things. What do you mean by someone hitting this girl? Busting her in the face? That would be serious, but I will bet you are not talking about this. Is it just some guy just flirting by poking your friend in the shoulder?

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