In your opinion, what anime has the best soundtracks? and mention at least 2 titles of them(the osts).?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Anyone who says anything besides Cowboy Bebop is the best anime OST is wrong. Normally, I'm quite open to opinions on things like this, but not when it comes to this. No other soundtrack has fit so well with an anime as Yoko Kanno’s magnum opus for the noir anime Cowboy Bebop. There's quite a few albums available for Cowboy Bebop.

    While Cowboy Bebop is certainly the best, it's definitely not the only good one out there. I also love Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica OST, which was composed by Yuki Kajiura. I consider this to be her best work. Again, the OST just fits the anime. The songs seem to move from happy to depressing, just like the anime. The movies' soundtracks are equally as good. Like Bebop, there are multiple albums in this soundtrack as well.

    The soundtracks for the Megami Tensei games (as well as the anime) are excellent as well. Shoji Meguro's fusions of jazz, hip hop, and electronic music is excellent. My favorites are definitely the Persona OSTs, but his entire body of work is really good.

    Clannad & Clannad: After Story's soundtracks are heartbreakingly beautiful. Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, and Magome Togoshi captured the emotions of the visual novel and anime in music form flawlessly. I guarantee that anyone who's seen the anime or played the game won't be able to get through a disc without crying.

    On a side note, Key's music producers are all amazing. I love the soundtracks for Angel Beats, Air, and Kanon as well.

    The final one I'll list is a little different, "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Our Music Book". This is NOT the actual OST for the anime, but a collection of the classical pieces performed in the anime. The music performed in this anime was done so exquisitely. It was interest in the classical music used in the anime that got me to watch it in the first place and I was not disappointed. I could listen to Kaori's Kreutzer all day (definitely my favorite). Piano solo is performed by Tomoki Sakata and violin solo is performed by Yuna Shinohara accompanied by pianist Eriko Kawachi.

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  • Sandy
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    4 years ago

    Cowboy Beebop

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