Can My Computer Handle This?

Can my pc handle having all sims 2 expansions and stuff packs and all sims 3 games?

This is my laptop:

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  • Herfot
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    5 years ago
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    It's technically fast enough. But you will run into some issues because the computer is too new. You'll have to perform some hacks to get them to run under Windows 10. Also the GPU is too new. You will have to use a mod to get the game to recognize that Intel HD Graphics 4400 is a valid model for hardware acceleration to work. You may also have to change shadow settings to avoid a black box under the Sim in Sims 2.

  • Fulano
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    5 years ago

    Look up the minimum requirements, then look up benchmarks to compare.

    The main thing you'll need to look at is the graphics requirements.

    Sims 2 asks for a GeForce 6200 LE, which gets a benchmark score of 26

    That laptop has Intel HD Graphics 4400 which gets a benchmark score of 546:

    So it's graphics are about 20x faster than the minimum requirements for Sims 2

    For Sims 3, Game Debate recommends a GeForce 7600 GT

    And it gets a score of 182:

    So it's still around 3x faster than what Sims 3 needs.

    So, do the same thing for your CPU speed and such and you can see how well that laptop can handle the game.

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