California outfit ideas?

This summer I'm going to California for my sweet 16 and I am super excited. 3 days I will be going to like Disney and Universal, most days I'll be spending at the beach, but I will also be going sightseeing and going to museums. Does anyone have any really cute outfit ideas that are appropriate for the weather but still look fabulous?

Oh my style is not really girly-girl or tom-boy. I'm more in the middle. I like the color black a lot. Like for example my go to outfit for summer would be black v-neck, plaid shirt, denim shirt, and converse.


Also would it be weird to wear heels (like wedges) most of the days? I like heels a lot too... and I'm not really into crop tops btw.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Don't try to change your style! Only thing I'd remind you of is that the vibe in California is very laid-back. Overdressing is easy here.

    Layering is key during California summers. Especially if you'll be out all day at an amusement park or touring round. It gets chilly in the mornings, really hot during the day, and chilly again at night. I'd suggest bringing a light jacket or sweater and wearing something light underneath.

    Heels are almost never worn around unless you're going out clubbing or going on a date. Go for converse or some other nicer shoe if you'll be going to the beach or museum. Wearing sneakers/other comfy shoes will be key when you're walking around amusement parks. Even with proper shoes, expect that your feet will hurt (in the best way possible) after a long day at Disneyland.

    Just some outfit ideas for the summer:

    1) t-shirt dress with a bomber jacket and converse

    2) white tee half tucked into high waisted jeans and sneakers

    3) black shirt with shorts and a jean jacket and converse

    A lot of teens look to Brandy Melville for California girl vibe style inspiration these days. I suggest looking at their instagram to see how a lot of girls here dress. (Absolutely not saying we all dress like that or that you should)

    REAL TALK THOUGH, layering and comfort are the only things important to remember. Wear whatever the hell you want! Honestly, you can't go wrong with jeans and a simple tee.

    Source(s): I love fashion and I've lived in California all my life, so I'm very influenced by the style here.
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    From the description, I assume its Southern California. Just saying, its gonna be too hot for anything heavy and long sleeved. I'd say no to denim shirts because you'll be wiping off sweat stains all day (Ick).

    I'd pack a few T shirts, shorts, muscle tees, skinny jeans, Yoga pants, flats, sneakers, mesh tanks (for workouts), and a swimsuit. You can mix and match between them as per preference.

    Wedges are nice if you are strolling downtown, but disneyland would involve a lot of walking so I'd wear sneakers.

    Source(s): It was 87-93 F when I visited in late July. Wear something breathable.
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