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How do I book an appointment at the doctors?

So straight off the bat, I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from depression, so obviously I need to see a doctor. I'm 19 and living at university about an hour from home. Up until now if I've never had any issues, I've just asked my mum to make an appointment. However this really isn't something I want to discuss with her at this point and I don't want to lie about what's wrong with me (especially if she tells the doctor I've got something I haven't!). I'd just call my doctors surgery but as silly as it may sound, I've lived in a lot of different places over the years and I not sure which address they have on record (plus I can't remember details). Also I don't remember who my doctor is. So I don't don't know how they could actually identify me. I could just call a more local doctors, but I have no idea where to start. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    If you're in the UK:

    Call NHS Choices (formerly NHS Direct) on 111, they'll be able to give you details of your nearest GP surgery or community hospital that is accepting new patients. You can contact them and make an appointment, it would be helpful if you had your National Insurance Number, NHS number and address of your current GP. But it isn't essential.

    You could also ask at your University, there will be a student welfare office with details of local healthcare - most Student Unions also have sudh a service. The university and/or union may also have counselling staff who can help you instead of or in addition to your GP.

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    just call your family doctor and book through them

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