Ranging from 1-5, how possible is it for someone to meet a stranger again at the same park they first saw each other?

Another stupid question but I am seriously hung up on this guy.

My groupmates and I was at the park that time and we just finished shooting our school documentary project. My bestfriend and I was laughing about something (trust me, I almost dropped my dslr) and then, I look ahead and saw a family of three; a mother, a kid and a bad boy looking guy. I was just looking at him. C mon! You can t just pass by a cute guy without looking at him! (Believe me, I am a shy, introverted af freak in person). He have this badboy aura surrounding him with his black jacket slung over his shoulder with the help of his hand. He was wearing some black jeans and white muscle tee. He have a hard look on his face as if he was on thought.

He probably noticed my gaze cause he looked at me and we shared eye contact for about a sec then he looked down then looked to the side but being the creep I am, I still continued to stare at him. Then when he thought I wasnt looking, he side glanced me then we shared eye contact again for about a half sec and this time, he turn away for real and spe to the rest of his family.

Dayum. I don t care if he was creeped out but It ll be nice to see him again. WAHAHA! I sounded like an epic *****. I should shut up now

So.... what are the chances of me meeting him in that park again? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?


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  • 5 years ago
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    Measuring probabilities in a range from 1 to 5 is a bit unusual, but OK.

    Without further information to evaluate, and given that you didn't give a time range (within 1 day? within 50 years?), then the probability you can ascribe to that event is equal to the probability of any two people that live or work in close proximity to a given place, which is (in your probability scale) 5, multiplied by the probability of choosing two people from that group matching you and the person you're trying to meet, which is 1. Therefore the resulting probability is about 3 (plus or minus 2).

  • 5 years ago

    If he noticed you and may think you'd hang out there, he'll probably come back to the park.

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