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Government/presidential homework help?

I have a presidential report card due where I have to grade president Nixon (A-F) on different subject and give an example/ explain why we gave them that grade. The subjects are:

1. Charisma

2. Persuasiveness

3. Education

4. Integrity (F for sure lol)

5. Economic status

6. Presidential appointments

7. Military experience

8. Political experience

9. Ability to take charge

10. Ability to pass legislation

11. Ability to hand a global crisis

12. Ability to make a difference

13. Ability to relate to the common man

I already have most of these but I wanted to see what grade people would give him and what other examples there are! Thanks in advance to anyone that wants to help by commenting their opinion or giving me some more examples to use :)

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    1. Charisma - F Nixon had no charisma at all

    2. Persuasiveness B Some would give him an A. He was a champion debater in college. I gave him a B because I never found him persuasive.

    3.Education A Nixon was an outstanding student from grade school through law school. He was valedictorian of his grade school. He graduated second in his class in high school and either second or third in college. He ranked third in his law school class that included some of the best law students in the United States.

    4. Integrity F Nixon had trouble with truthfulness his entire life and he lacked integrity in other areas as well. He told three different stories about how he met his wife.

    5. Economic status A Nixon worked hard to achieve his goals and rose in status from almost poverty when he was born to a middle-class grocer's son to a prosperous lawyer and successful politician.

    6. Presidential appointment F Some would grade him well on this but he tended to appoint people who were as ethically flawed as he was. His Vice President had to resign over having virtually stolen money. His Attorney General nearly ended up in prison.

    7. Military Experience A Nixon's time in the Navy during World War II was the only time in his life when everyone who knew him liked him. This was true of both officers and enlisted men. He later exaggerated his military experience to make it appear that he was in combat when he was not. But, he was given a letter of commendation. And, he apparently did an excellent job as an operations officer not a combat officer in the South Pacific.

    8. Political experience C Some would give him an A for this and, from the standpoint of winning elections and succeeding as a politician, he deserves an A. However, in every election and every political position he held from being elected to the House of Representatives in 1946 to being elected and serving as president from 1968 to 1964 he bent the rules constantly and was clearly unethical. He did not come to be referred to as "Tricky Dick" by accident.

    9. Ability to take charge A Nixon always did an excellent job of taking charge.

    10. Ability to pass legislation A I am tempted to lower this because of his unethical approach to this as to all other matters. But, he was clearly a good legislator in the House and the Senate in getting laws he supported passed and also as president in getting Congress to pass his legislative agenda. Some of the laws he got passed, like the Nixon-Mundt Bill which was one of his first were questionable in the way they violated the rights of people. But, I am grading him only on getting laws passed.

    11. Ability to handle a global crisis B I think that is generous, especially when one considers his disastrous handling of the Vietnam quagmire. But, in terms of ability, he was quite able.

    12. Ability to make a difference A plus. Nixon clearly made a difference in every office he held. From the investigation of Alger Hiss in the late 1940s to the Watergate crisis in his second presidential administration, he was always making a difference.

    13. Ability to relate to the common man F He could not, on a personal level relate at all to common people. He did have an ability to define issues in a way that gave them common appeal but I took this one literally as him personally relating to the common man.

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    LOts of research needed.

    Google like this : "President Nixon Personality"

    "President Nixon ability to handle a global crisis"

    "President Nixon presidential appointments" :

    F : Many vacancies on the Supreme Court he tried to fill. Most were rejected as poor choices.

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