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Thoughts on these combos?

On another site, I asked everyone which combo they prefer consisting of the same name (In Michael, Ian Douglas, Ian Jeremiah for example) and here are the results:

Jordana Phoebe

Lucy Moriah

Violet Cecilia

Casandra Laurine

Veronica phoebe

Evangeline Holly

Merida Tamren

Alec Damian

Chandler Warren

Colin Spencer

Gavin Leo

Leland Spencer

Liam Everett

Silas Griffin

Noah Jackson

Shannon Leo (Shannon for a boy 💖)

Leon Ronaldo

Dante Xavier

Darren Miles

Dominic Jared

Which ones are your favorites?

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    5 years ago
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    Jordana Phoebe -- 2/10 -- Although I adore the name Phoebe, I loathe the name Jordana. It sounds completely made up to me. I don't like names like that. They're too trendy for my taste.

    Lucy Moriah -- 6/10 -- I don't like the name Lucy as a full name. I only like it as a nick-name for Lucinda, Luciana, or any other such name. To me, it just doesn't seem complete enough. I absolutely adore Moriah. If Moriah had been the first name, I would have given it 10/10. Moriah's one of my favourite names of all time. It's so unique and elegant and beautiful.

    Violet Cecilia -- 10/10 -- I adore both names! They're so elegant and they flow so well together.

    Casandra Laurine -- 5/10 -- Although I love the name Cassandra (and the nick-name Cassie that accompanies it), it is let down by the middle name Laurine. If it had been Cassandra Lauren, or Cassandra Lorraine, it would have gotten an eight.

    Veronica Phoebe -- 9/10 -- I love both names. I adore the name Veronica, and the nick-name Vera (I hate Ronnie though), it's so elegant. I also adore Phoebe, I think it's unique and I love the sound to it. The name does flow when you say it aloud, however, I think the names are too different in style to really work together, and I would advise another elegant name to accompany Veronica, and another more unique name to accompany Phoebe.

    Evangeline Holly -- 8/10 -- Evangeline is one of my favourite names of all time. This name should be a 10. But it doesn't flow with Holly at all in my opinion, and Holly is in a completely different style to Evangeline. These names just don't go together. It's a shame, because Evangeline is so beautiful and delicate and perfect!

    Merida Tamren -- 7/10 -- AAAAAGH! You did it again. I adore Merida, and the name Merida alone gets a 9. However, Tamren is awful to me. It just looks completely made up and I have no idea how to pronounce it. Did you just mess up the spelling of Tamryn? I've never liked that name either. And the whole 'changing spellings' thing is just a trend that's going to die out in a few years and future generations will be wondering why on earth this generation of parents decided to misspelt names that are already unique on their own. However, Tamren Phoebe, or Phoebe Tamren, might make an interesting combination.

    Alec Damian -- 6/10 -- I adore both these names. They're definitely in the same sort of style, so they would work quite well together. However, I think Damian Alec flows much better than Alec Damian.

    Chandler Warren -- 9/10 -- These names flow perfectly together. Chandler's not my favourite name in the world, but I like Warren a lot, and Chandler really compliments it.

    Colin Spencer -- 8/10 -- I like this combination too. Both are handsome names and I think that this name will age really well, which is really important.

    Gavin Leo -- 5/10 -- Gavin's not exactly my favourite name in the world, and Leo has always seemed incomplete to me. I've always preferred it as a nick-name for Leonardo.

    Leland Spencer -- 9/10 -- Love this! Leland is so unique and Spencer balances it out.

    Liam Everett -- 9/10 -- The flow of this combination is perfect. The two names compliment each other perfectly.

    Silas Griffin -- 6/10 -- I like the name Silas a lot, but I'm not too keen on the name Griffin, and I really don't think the names flow very welly well. Perhaps you should consider another middle name.

    Noah Jackson -- 9/10 -- I love both names, and although the flow isn't perfect like some of the names on your list the flow is decent enough for the name to be used. Noah's definitely a name that will age well.

    Shannon Leo (Shannon for a boy 💖) -- 1/10 -- The name is far too trendy for my liking, I've always disliked unisex names and I don't think Shannon Lee flows well.

    Leon Ronaldo -- 7/10 -- Although the name has a perfect flow and I like the name Leon, I'm really not keen on the name Ronaldo.

    Dante Xavier -- 10/10 -- Love this name. It has an excellent flow and I adore both names!

    Darren Miles -- 8/10 -- I really like the name Miles, and the name Darren is quite a nice one. It's nothing particularly special, but it will age well and it's nothing too out there.

    Dominic Jared -- 8/10 -- I absolutely adore the name Dominic, so this name should be a ten. However, I hate the name Jared. The two names flow well when you say them aloud, however, Jared is in a different style to Dominic. It's not elegant like Dominic is. I would suggest a different middle name.

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  • Paula
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    5 years ago

    From the girls, I like Jordana Phoebe, Lucy Moriah & Violet Cecilia

    And from the boys, I like Chandler Warren, Colin Spencer, Silas Griffin & Noah Jackson (all love Leon, Miles & Jared but not Ronaldo, Darren & Dominic)

  • layla
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    5 years ago

    I like Veronica Phoebe from the girls.

    I like Silas Griffin, Darren Miles, and Dominic Jared from the boys.

    As an aside, I do like Shannon for a boy. I just don't think Shannon Leo sounds all that great.

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