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Canon Rebel T51 w/ 18-55mm kit lens?

Ok, I do not know too much about cameras, but I have been doing a lot of research lately. I really want to get my fiancée a DSLR. I know that she would really enjoy the feature of a touch screen like the T5i. After doing research and finding one on amazon for $600 I think this might be the one I go with! I am not asking you to tell me which camera to buy, but before I make such a big purchase, i was curious for others opinions. whether you have the same camera or a different one. Thank you!


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    It is a fine camera, nothing at all wrong with it. The "kit" lens is hardly stellar, but it is ok for a starter. What is FAR more important than the camera is if she will make the effort to learn to use it properly. So many people with these cameras simply put in the battery, turn it on, put it in Auto mode and never do anything more than take basic snapshots. When used in such a manner, a DSLR is little better than a $100 pocket point and shoot camera. A DSLR requires study and commitment to learn about the camera and photography in general. If that is not done, it is truly a waste of money. Manufacturers want everyone to think they are simple and just keeping it in Auto is all you have to do for "Professional" photos. Such nonsense is preached on the tv shopping sites and it is beyond absurd. She needs to read and study the camera owner's manual, then do it again, then again. Also, this book needs to be given to her with the camera. I don't mean to preach at you, but only stating the facts when it comes to how most people use their DSLR.

    This book is a must to have with any new DSLR camera owner:

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    The T5i is a very good entry-level DSLR. It's not necessarily my favorite (that being the Pentax K50), but depending upon what it's being used for, it could be the better DSLR for her. For example, you mention the touch screen. This is a very useful feature for photos and especially videos. The Pentax K50 has a fixed LCD without touch capabilities. However, it does have a lot of things that make it a superior camera for photos:

    Be careful about buying cameras from Amazon. The products on Amazon are not always being sold by Amazon. If the camera that you buy is not being sold by an authorized dealer, then Canon will not honor the warranty. Furthermore, there are a lot of unscrupulous vendors that put together these multi-item kits that contain accessories that are either not designed for the camera, not designed for cameras period, or are just plane garbage. Here's one to avoid like the plague:

    The memory cards are of the poorest quality.

    The tripod is a video tripod. Not only is it not designed for photos, but it's very cheap.

    The filters are very low-end cheap filters. One is actually a color correction filter which you absolutely do not need because digital cameras have automatic white balance. CC filters are only to be used with film cameras.

    The flash is not designed for the camera and will only work in manual mode. You're paying a lot for the tech in the DSLR, why use a flash that can't make use of it?

    There's two adapter lenses designed for video camcorders not dslrs. They're totally useless.

    I would encourage you to avoid Amazon and go to or Since Canon controls the pricing, everyone will have the same exact price. However, with B&H and Adorama, you won't pay sales tax if you live outside of New York. This alone could save you as much as 10%.

    • Thank you so much for the info! I was really curious about those amazon sellers. It seemed like it was too good to be true. I will look at other sites and compare prices! Thanks for the input!

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    T51 Canon

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    Amazon direct and BH Photo do currently have the T5i with 18-55mm STM marked down to $600. This is a good buy.

    (Beware of third party junk bundles, though.)

    • There is one for 599.00 and one bundle for 599.95. would I be safer getting the one without the bundle? or would I be ok to spend the extra $00.95 for the bundled one? even if the stuff is junk?

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    Talk to your fiancée first! Worst thing you can do is but a Canon for someone who is a Nikon or Pentax fan.

    If you do buy a T5i be sure to get one with the STM lens designation.

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