Is this medicine okay to take? Will I feel anything different from it?

I take klonopin orally disintegrating tablets and for the past several years the brand has always been par pharmaceuticals. Today I received the medicine from teva pharmaceuticals. The pills are a little bigger and on the par pills there is 0.56mg of phenylalanine while on teva there is 2.4 mg Why would there be more in one? The dose of the medication is 0.5 mg with both brands. Will extra phenylalanine harm me?

Is teva a safe brand compared to par?

Will the pills make me feel different or work differently? What is the difference between the two?

I read in a forum that a woman's stomach felt upset every time she took tevo brand klonopin. Can that happen from teva's medicine?

I also read some people say that teva doesn't seem as strong as other brands. Is one brand better than the other?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Keep in mind, the bulk of (most) pills is not the weight of the medication, but the various fillers/binders and other additives added to make it the size that it is. Example: I am prescribed 1mg Klonopin tablets (not sub-lingual like yours, just plain tablets, but hear me out). 1mg is a VERY small amount of product, and not nearly enough to press into a pill that anyone could hold in their hand. Other inert substances are added to make up the pill. And, different manufacturers may use different amounts of pill additives in their manufacturing process. BUT, the bottom line, every brand should contain the same amount of the same active ingredient. And so, there should be no appreciable difference in one brand to another.

    I should add, however, that the "bio-availability" of different brands/forms has been studied, and proven sometimes quite different. So, while a pharmacist may say there is no difference between generics, there is proof that this is not always true.

    All that to say, Teva is a big company, and there shouldn't be any real difference. If you do find it less effective, you may in the future request a specific mfg, or go to a pharmacy that carries the mfg/brand that you prefer. This tends to p!ss pharmacists off, but so what. ...

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