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First day of work at McDonald's?

My first day of work is tomorrow. I'm 15 and scared out of my mind. What do I do when I first get there? Do I just walk behind the counter? Do I tell someone to go get the manager? What will I be doing? Do they just make me start at the counter right away or does someone train me? I'm so scared

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    Nothing to be nervous about! I started at McD's at 16. On my first day, I watched a few how to videos, and they put me on fries, and had me stock certain items. Of course they don't automatically bombard you with order-taking, especially if there is a crowd, and if so you will have plenty of help. They usually let you leave early. The next couple of days after, you will get trained on the register. I messed up all the time, and I still do 3 years later. It takes time to familiarize yourself with the screen, and my customers understood that whenever I would apologize. "sorry sir/mam this is my first day/week of work" usually eases the situation. I went from nervous wreck mixing up orders to becoming a crew trainer mixing up a few every now and then. :) It happens to the best of us! I'm sure you'll do fine! Hope all goes well!

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    I work at Burger King, I know not the same place. If you have your uniform, wear it and walk behind the counter. Find your managers office and say you're here. They will show how to clock in. Nobody really gets thrown onto the register the first day, they'll show you everything you need to know. You may even just watch training videos on the first day. Being a cashier is easy, you'll adjust! Good luck! :)

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    I believe someone trains you at first

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    they will train you

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    just do it

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