Amend a tax for another state but!?

ok I got a w-2 in the mail at the last minute so I had to go back and fix it. I live in IL but I worked in 2 other states the amend was for KY I worked briefly in AR BUT it said I didn't owe them anything and they didn't owe me anything just old school mail it. so, I did then I amend for KY and LOL for some reason AR says I need to amend them WHY!? I didn't live there last yr I worked only for a month or 2 and made $812 and the w-2 amend fix is for KY so why!? also im asking it on here cause turbo tax is being dumb and put me with a customer service guy then says I need to talk to a tax auditor so ive been waiting OVER AN HOUR!!! so people of yahoo why do I need to amend for AR and if I don't need to can I just skip it or what any help is awesome! thanks!

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  • 4 years ago
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    Because all states where you worked need to know the total amount that you made, worldwide, to calculate the tax in their own state. They tax only what you earned in their state, but the tax rate is based on your total income, globally.

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