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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · 5 years ago

In a police department, how are people investigated?

In a police department, when someone orders a cop to investigate a person who orders it? Would it be someone like the chief or mayor or District Attorney? like if a cop gets a compliant, how would the police or FBI process that complaint, what would be the process through the bureau or police department?

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    Each division has its own methods and orders. So if it's an incident that requires the FBI, then an FBI agent is sent out. If it's a simpler domestic or check up, it's usually a cop. The big boys usually don't interfere with anything that is minor. They are usually called to the scene of a murder. Though the different divisions do not like each other.

    My husbands aunt is a federal agent with homeland security, the highest ranking in the state. And her husband is a US Marshall. Both say they hate working with the FBI.

    Investigations usually go down the line. First a cop. Then a higher up cop. And then the county/parish, sheriffs, state troopers, cheifs, detectives, ect. Not in that order. But you get the idea.

    Think of it like any other job. Climb the ladder, and each section has a different set of ladders. It's whichever is relevant to that investigation.

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  • Bob B
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    5 years ago

    It depends a bit on the situation and how the department works.

    Most crimes are reported directly to the police by someone involved, or observed by the police. They don't need the mayor to tell them to start an investigation (although those with political power and connections can usually get the police to investigate someone if they want to).

    Once the police are made aware of a crime, then the department goes through its own internal processes to decide how it is investigated. The initial report usually gets processed and filed, and if an investigation is required, it gets passed to whatever unit would be responsible for handling it (depends on the crime).

    The FBI handles really serious high-level stuff; generally it has jurisdiction over interstate crimes or certain breaches of federal law. If the police think something requires the FBI's attention, they report that to the FBI and they get involved (contrary to what you see on TV, the FBI does not "take over" cases from the police in the same way as portrayed, and in fact it often forms joint task forces with local police units).

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Any officer can decide they have enough information or reasonable suspicion to investigate anyone in their jurisdiction.

    Bosses can all order anyone working for them to conduct and investigation.

    Prosecutors can ask for an investigation and have their own investigators, who are normally sworn as county deputies, to do investigations as needed.

    Most crime is handled by the beat officers, no matter what yuo see on TV. They find a crime or get dispatched to something they run and investigation. The first thing they do is investigate to see if an actual crime occurred.

    FBI SA's can investigate on their own in a very limited manner. They have to take anything they find or a request for further investigation to a boss and then, if it goes farther, to an Assistant US Attorney for approval..

    If you mean how are people who are officers or employees for a police department investigated, well I can only tell you about my old department since ways are governed by individual department policies and state laws.

    If you are talking about a background investigation for hiring and officer then the department of personnel assigns a detective to do an investigation.

    If their is a compalint or suspicion of worng doing by an officer then the comaplant goes directly to a civilain review board who decides if the complaint goes to IAD or to a local supervisor or if they will do the investigation themselves or if they will refer the investigation to the professional standards unit of the county prosecutors office.

    A simple complaint is stuff like an officer did not wear his hat while talking to a civilian outside or they were smoking or they swore, etc. They are handled by local supervisors and the reports are sent back to teh civilian review board for approval or orders of further investigation/discipline.

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    PSU , Professional Standards Unit does the job. The fbi has their version of the PSU department.

    Sometimes the given police department will have another(outside) PSU department to investigate that department.This includes any metro government employee that is under any type of (criminal) suspicion.

    All PSU reports are sent to the DA office for any criminal charges to be prosecuted.

    Source(s): My last profession at LMDC
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    They are "investigated" with kid gloves. They all work together on a daily basis, so everyone else is an outsider. This goes for the DA, who is hardly impartial because he works with the judge and cops day in & day out. If you have to look these people in the eye daily and not the average citizen, then where do you think your sentiments lie?

    Every once in a awhile, the cops will sacrifice one of their own. It has to really be an open and shut case. They often minimize the losses and throw only one overboard.

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