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Does my cats testicles bother my other cats?

I have a feral boy cat which I have socialized. He now lives in my house, although downstairs in the house (I spend most of my time upstairs). I have 3 house cats. I introduced them to the feral cat very slowly. The feral lived in the garage for two months before occasionally sticking his head into the kitchen. It has now been a total of 3 months that I have had him, and he has lived downstairs for almost a month, and he sees my other cats often (when they come down stairs). . But my other 3 house cats still hate him. (two girls and one boy). Could it be because the feral is not fixed? My boy and my two girls are all fixed. Can they sense this? So maybe this bothers them. He's very sweet, and timid. I wonder if I got him fixed if my other cats would be more inclined to warm up to him.

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    Um, cats don't notice each other's "manhood" like humans do. Seriously?

    What COULD happen, though, is your cats ending up with Feline Leukemia and/or FIV. You did disease test this cat before letting him interact, share food and water bottles with these cats, RIGHT?

    • catmich994 years agoReport

      Yes I did check for feline aids and leukemia. The cat had a general check up and tested for those two things. Those are the only tests they did, though. Let me know if you think I should have done more tests.

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    I can't give you an honest answer...But I believe that they can sense that...I do not believe that is why...The three cats you have own the house...You have brought a stranger in the house...The three think of the house as their territory..Getting the new cat fixed is a good time the three will accept it...when they know there is no threat...

  • bette
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    Fix him pls

  • John M
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    4 years ago

    It probably has to do more with him being shy.

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