Does Stanford University accept the GRE for MBA, the Business program?

I m interested in doing design; I know I m ahead of myself right now because I m a junior in Highschool, but I want to prep for it. I need more time to prep, which I wish I did that with the SAT. If I take the GRE, and get the score that is required for Stanford, can I take the Business program and Design program?

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    You are 6-8 years away from even thinking about an MBA, and things will be different by that time. don't worry about the GRE or GMAT and instead make sure you get as broad an education as possible. And if you plan on an MBA, do not plan on a business undergraduate degree.

    MBA programs accept students from any undergraduate field. They prefer students who do not have a business major because there is too much duplication between undergraduate business classes and MBA classes, and it leaves students with a narrow focus. Businesses hiring MBA graduates want students who can understand and communicate with the scientists and engineers that they have to manage. The best majors are STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), but other majors are acceptable. Any field can use good management.

    MBA programs prefer students with 2-5 years of work experience after your first degree. To enroll in an MBA program without work experience is usually a waste of time and money. You are less attractive as a job candidate than someone with an undergraduate business degree because they have a major in a relevant field, and you are less attractive in your undergraduate field because you have been out of it for two years and are obsolete and in competition with more attractive new graduates. If your undergraduate degree and work experience are not STEM related, plan on 4-5 year of work experience. If it is STEM related, 2-3 years is enough

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    4 years ago

    Stanford Mba Gre

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    The GRE is for grad school, not extra credit on the SAT. But I went to Stanford on a summer program, and met a lot of the students and faculty. They are much more interested in who you are in terms of your background, talents, world view. Points on standardized tests are low on their radar. Just pursue them hardcore. Make that entrance essay and your submitted work outshine everyone's. You'll get it.

    • Xiaomi4 years agoReport

      I'm preparing for the grad orogram, because I know I have a less likely chance to get in for the bachelor's degree

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