Watered down religion... what is the point?

A church near my house has advertising showing people holding cards that say, "More Change", "Less Talk", and "No religious aftertaste."

My question to Christians... What is your reaction to this watering down of Christianity to make it more palatable to a wider population? Isn't somewhat ridiculous that a church - a religious institution - is marketing itself as not religious?


Thanks everyone. As someone who is not religious, I was interested to know how those who are would view this.

I picked the best answer because it makes a good point. Until we go to the church we cannot know what they mean by these statements. Though... I imagine that many people read them as I did.

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  • Tyvern
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    5 years ago
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    They want a tingly feeling so they can go about their daily lives with a vague sense of purpose and to satisfy that innate impulse to worship. It's far from true piety, sparked only by a fear of what will happen if they do not, and is in some respects worse than atheism. But at least they do not stifle this human impulse and pretend it does not exist, or that if it does exist it is somehow a vice.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Like going to a church service where they sing and dance and have a light show. I grew up Catholic, so that's not church to me. Although to my grandmother, it didn't feel like church in English, since the old Mass was in Latin with a whole cast of characters acting out a spiritual play, with music, incense, movements, and women covered their heads in church, wore gloves for Holy Communion, and the old churches were filled with stained glass and statuary. So, tastes and ideas change.

  • 5 years ago

    Many "Christian" denominations are doing this in a desperate attempt to fill their pews.

    Allowing homosexual bishops. Performing gay marriages. "It's all OK. Jesus loves everyone."

    The Bible is clear on God's opinion of certain things, regardless how some try to downplay it.

    Yes, Christians should love everyone and try to guide them to Jesus. Not accept their sin in the name of tolerance.

  • Jim V
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    5 years ago

    Religion - Christianity included - often becomes a type of 'moralistic deism' (a philosophy) ...

    rather than what Christ called us to - be his disciples (a relationship).

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Once you compromise the truth....it is no longer the truth

    and what are the thousand shades of grey but white polluted with black

    their purpose is not the gospel but to put butts in the pew

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    its just easy sound bytes that people can handle. most people cannot handle the whole truth, even Christians !

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