Is moral knowledge possible?

My 'gut' tells me that moral claims are truth claims. People certainly tend to act as if they are. Yet I cannot seem to figure out where they get the warrant for their beliefs. Are we reduced, for example, to believing theft is wrong based on faith?

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    Generally, moral knowledge is claimed in relation to the consquences of actions.

    Example, few people would say theft is wrong because it's wrong (that would be a faith). They say theft is wrong's unfair, the Bible forbids it, it disincentivizes all property, if everyone did it there would be no property, etc. etc.

    You then ask second order questions like: Why is following the Bible important? Or Why does propery ownership matter? (Depending on the reasons given for why theft is wrong.)

    But at some point, you do reach moral positions which must be axiomatic. I.e. you can't prove they are true, you must consider them self-evidently true.

    You see this even in the Declaration of Independence. It declares, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal..."

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    5 years ago

    IMO, moral intuition is a basic part of our being, though knowing what is right does not always translate to doing what is right.

    And why would that be so? Naturalists want to say that it has 'evolved' into our DNA or society through social constructs over time. There is no way this process can have produced anything but subjective morality.

    Many theists understand that as entities created in the image of God we are imparted moral a degree of intuition into our very being. Though that basis can either be nurtured or squelched by our various inputs and decisions.

    There is no warrant for moral beliefs if those beliefs are not grounded in a transcendent cause - God.

    Adapted from Ravi Zacharias:

    There are a number of evidences for God.

    Evil is one.

    We know that there is evil in the world.

    We also know that good exists.

    But if these are true then we are aware that a moral law exists.

    Moral law only exists if there is a moral lawgiver.

    Skeptics attempt to prove otherwise.

    However if there is no moral law giver there is no moral law.

    If there is no moral law then there is no good

    If there is no moral law then there is no evil.

    The strongest argument against the existence of God actually assumes God in the objection.

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    Yes, it is a kind of knowledge, no different than if a person had carnal knowledge of something, or expert knowledge etc.,

    Moral does not mean truth. someone's morals may not be of a truthful nature or conscieous, Theft is wrong, moral or not, it doesn't feel so well when someone takes something of yours, or you take something of theirs and get caught. There will be a consequence.

    There are all kinds of morals, but If you were meaning morals of more of a religious nature or theme, then the answer remains the same.

    laws such as in the case of theft may not be based on truth, however, time proven methods of reducing chaos and lawlessness.

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    5 years ago

    I am sorry, my mom and I have not been getting along, since she hasn't been taking all of her medicines. So I have not been myself. I feel it is my duty as a Christian to apologize and to weight loss programs every where.

    Yes, it is possible to have moral knowledge. Is it possible to follow it on our own as mortal humans. No, it is not. Which is why we need deities and Jesus Christ, inevitably, I do believe people will wake up as a collective and see the God of The Holy Bible and Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, are all true, real, and living, and mean to help everyone. That Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, to save us from our sins and Hell, so now we have a choice.

    As for "Is it a UFO, a meteor,(no, but they can "come down" like one.) or an angel?" No. Can they intermingle with demons and screw us humans like us. While doing scientific studies to figure us out. Totally. The news and media and press, our going to try and keep people calm for the world's sake and the governments around the world's sake. There are a couple UFO /Meteor cases where I believe they were angels, aliens, or God himself in some form. But all the time, honestly, I do not know. Some maybe even be time travel which is why they have worm holes and black holes or even connected to witch craft. Although it is hard to prove.

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    Well, every being grows up with civil law around us. If we steal at school, we are sent to the principal's office and our parents are called.

    But the deeper spiritual element is that our morality comes from religion.

    Not sure what you mean by moral claims, truth claims. Corruption is rampant in most countries of the world, even with many Christians.

    I'm a Baha'i, a member of the Baha'i Faith.

    We bleieve there is only one God, that He sent Moses, buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, etc. to humanity as Divine Educators.

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    My favorite is when I am traveling down the highway and I realize that I have no recollection of the intersection I just cleared other than at that moment I was way off on pluto chasing the stars around some galaxy while wondering what my wife was up to and if my daughter got to school on time if at all and so on. For a moment I get all moral about it and chastize myself for not being there with the car when I got to the intersection. Lucky for me my instincts got it under control. Finally catching up with me they remind me that I am driving a car and to be a bit more moral about it I should stay with it while I am driving it.

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    5 years ago

    A person can better know and live according to true morality if he or she says the angelic psalter of the Blessed Virgin daily and with care.

  • Hi T
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    5 years ago

    God gives us a conscience to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. But also we have His Holy Word the Bible to lead and guide us, and the laws written in it. But when we are saved by His grace, He gives us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all righteousness. To lead us in His paths of righteousness. To do and to know what is right.

    Not because we are any better than anyone else. On the contrary, because we humble ourselves and confess that we are sinners before God. That we are indeed no better than anyone else. And ask Him for His forgiveness, and use faith to believe for salvation to eternal life to come.

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    5 years ago

    Morals is the character of God through commands to regulate man's actions as God intended when He made man in His image to do His will and recorded so we can recognize lies when we see them.

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    The Bible tells us that God's laws are written upon our hearts. In other words ~ we are hardwired to know right from wrong. This is where morality comes from.

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