Will I get my tax refund?

I started working at a ski resort as a housekeeper, I started work the Saturday after Christmas (Decmeber 26th, 2015) I work every saturday and get paid every other Monday. Everyone got their W2s but me and I read online that no matter where you work(ed) and no matter how long, if you worked any day in 2015, you should get a tax refund. I ve been though 2 jobs in 2015, I also started at my second job on December 28th and currently work there. Should I get a tex refund from them too? I get paid every 5th, and 20th of each month. This is my first time filing taxes so I have no idea how they work. Help!

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  • Judy
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    5 years ago
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    The article you read wasn't quite right if it said that. If you got PAID even $1 in 2015 for working, you'd get a W-2. You didn't get paid until January. The W-2 shows PAYMENTS that year. So even though you worked a few .days in 2015, it will be on your 2016 W-2 so you won't get one until NEXT year. No you don't get a refund this year. And you won't file either. And do you understand what a refund is? It's not a bonus, and you don't get it from your employer. When you get your paycheck, taxes are taken out. At the end of the year, you calculate how much tax you owe for the year. If too much was taken out, you get back your overpayment as a refund. If not enough was taken out, you have to pay the rest, and you get no refund. It's like buying a meal at McDonalds for $6 and paying with a $10 bill. The $4 you get back isn't a gift from McD's, it's just getting your own money, your overpayment, back.

  • 5 years ago

    What you read online was close, but not completely accurate.

    You would get a W-2 for 2015 if you actually got paid any amount in the year 2015. Its based on the date you get the paycheck, NOT when you actually worked.

    So if you worked the last week of 2015, and got your first paycheck in January of 2016 then you won't get a W-2 from that job for tax year 2015. You will get a W-2 at the end of 2016 showing all the pay you received in 2016 which you will report on your 2016 tax return (filed in 2017).

  • 5 years ago

    If you started that late in the year, you probably didn't get paid until 2016.

    If nothing was paid to you in 2015, you have no reason to file.

  • 5 years ago

    you have to have had an actual PAYCHECK dated in 2015. if you just started Dec 26th, your first pay probably was not until January. and you read wrong. no one is guaranteed a refund

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  • 5 years ago

    It's when you get paid, not when you worked. If you did not have job before the ones you listed here, you would not have any W2s and therefore have no tax return to file.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    If you got paid in 2015 is all that counts.

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