Should I move to Canada?

I been reading so many articles about Canada. About its economy, health care, colleges and its beautiful people. I live in Mexico at the moment and of course I don t have any family over there. So I was wondering that it would be great to live there and see what happens. Can foreigners also get free health care ? I m a drop out so I was wondering if it would be cheaper to finish my school in Canada? What cities would you recommend to move to? Any other tips you would give me. Thank you.

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    Canada has a serious immigration system and it enforces it. In order to even apply for permanent residency you must meet specific requirements such as: marrying a Canadian citizen able to sponsor you; having a skilled job offer in specific professions (doctor, engineer, nurse, specialized trades, etc.) and completing for a limited number of positions based on age, education, work experience, language skills, etc.; having a net worth of $10M and investing $2M in Canada; being nominated by one of the provinces (doctor willing to work in a remote community, buy and run a farm in certain provinces, world-class performing artist, etc.); etc. You require background, medical, and financial checks. Process can take years even after you apply.

    Your average person has little or no hope of meeting the requirements or being selected even if you do.

    There is no free healthcare for foreigners. You can't even visit Canada if you have a serious medical condition. You must be a citizen or permanent resident to obtain healthcare in Canada.

    You can't finish school in Canada. Schooling is only for citizens and children of lawful residents.

    Cities are pointless. Few immigrants have any choice in where to live. You live in the city where your Canadian spouse is, your job offer is, etc.

    Other than marriage, there is no immigration path for high school drop outs. Canada only accepts those who already have extremely advanced degrees, years of work experience in highly skilled professions, top English (and/or French) skills, etc. Immigration to Canada is a competition. Canada selects only the best.

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  • 4 years ago

    You can legally move to Canada a number of different ways. You could finish your degree in Canada, transfer your job to Canada, or apply as a skilled worker. You can learn about the different options in the source I'm linking to.

    As a temporary worker or a permanent resident you can access healthcare and all other services.

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  • 4 years ago

    You have not been keeping up with the news. Canada officially announced several months ago that it is in severe recession. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have vanished. Even if you hold the necessary bachelor's & master's degrees, plus post-master's experience in an eligible occupation, there are no jobs for you.

    If you are a high school dropout, you do not qualify to apply for admission to university. IF you qualified for admission & were accepted, you are required to prove you have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses, plus return transportation to your country of citizenship. You can expect to need at least CAD40,000/year (that's at least 4-6 times the cost of going to university in your own country). And NO way you can remain. You must return to your country of citizenship immediately upon completion or termination of studies.

    BTW, NO free medical care for foreigners. You have to be legally resident & paying into the healthcare system - TAXES!

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