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Electric guys! Help me I'm stupid, I pulled the pcm replay now what?!?

Ok listen I know it's stupid but I pulled the pcm relay while the car was running to stop the engine because my ignition cyclindar broke off in it while it was running, don't worry I fixed that but i put the fuse back and I turn the key and the lights and everything turn on but when I go to crank the car the there is no crank and no start, in other words you don't here the starter and the engine doesn't turn PLEASE HELP YOU GUYS! Btw my car is a Ford Explorer sport 01 thanks for the help guys

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  • 4 years ago
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    No sugar coated: There is not many things you can do now.(If I understand you right): What you have said: " I pulled the PCM relay while the car was running to stop the engine because my ignition cylinder broke off in it while it was running".

    Was that was the reason why you've done that? : To turn off the car? Well, water under the bridge ..It's too late now. The only thing you can do now is to replace the ignition lock cylinder and cross your fingers that everything will go back to normal. Do this:

    - After replacing the ignition lock cylinder, remove both battery cables and touch both cables terminal together for 30-45 minutes. This is what we called a hard reset. If you have access to an IDS (Ford diagnostic equipment) or newer equipment then I would show you a different way.

    If the vehicle still acting the same way: Hire a flatbed and carry the vehicle to your nearest Ford repair facility, the PATS or/ and with one of the following system VIC/ ICM/ SCIL have been disturbed ..

    DO NOT hire an incompetent locksmith to simply reprogram the keys you have had, as erasing and reprogramming the keys does not cure any known intermittent PATS no start no crank issue as the fault has not identified and the whole system may need to be replaced including the controllers. The locksmith has to ask you questions and you'll have to tell him what has happened before he'll determine what need to be done.

    Call your Ford dealer before hand to get the proper instruction what you need to bring with the vehicle or what to do (Paper works, bring all of the keys etc) and how much the initial will cost you..

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    • liverhuyen2003
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      4 years agoReport

      Yes, by touching both terminals, you're reset the controllers and it'll work if there is nothing wrong with the controllers.

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  • 4 years ago

    Short answer, you BROKE the car. Now, at MINIMUM, you need an ACTUAL mechanic to repair the damage, which probably involves REPLACING the computer.

    liverhyyen is confused. The ignition lock is NOT what you fried. The PCM is the problem and the KEYS can't be reprogrammed in any case. The PCM is what gets reprogrammed.

    • Tony4 years agoReport

      Read what the poster say: "...because my ignition cyclindar broke off in it while it was running.."

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  • 4 years ago

    Jump the starter solenoid and I'll bet the motor cranks. You messed up the ignition switch dude. Did you get the new keys programmed to the immobilizer?

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
    • T4 years agoReport

      Hey dude how do you do that?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Double check the relay that you pulled and make sure it's in the right spot, the right way around. Sometimes there is more than one spot left open for relays and they often can fit back to front.

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  • 4 years ago

    Here is the diagram, could be a fuse, relay or switch.

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