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I just recently got a 2DS by trade in at gamestop but i recently found about the New 3DS XL,i heard theres games on it only exclusive to it and was wondering if its worth a purchase later even tho i have a 2DS or would be best to get a wii u instead of upgrading to the new 3DS XLlater?

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  • 4 years ago
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    At this time, the major draws for the New 3DS / XL are...

    * Built-in NFC support for Amiibos -- No external reader required.

    * Built-in Circle Pad Pro controls

    * Improved internal specs -- Games load up faster

    * Improved 3D visuals -- Now supporting a face-tracking inner camera (separate from the standard camera) to automatically adjust the screen to make the 3D visuals more stable & working at a wider range of angles.

    * Some New 3DS Exclusive games

    At this time, the "New 3DS Exclusive" list is current 2 titles: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (Retail / Digital) & The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Digital Only)... There are likely more in the future, but most developers are a bit concerned about fracturing their market base & sticking to the standard 3DS specs as much as possible.

    The 2DS is a good "entry level" console in the 3DS family & unless the new features above haven't sold you on it... you may want to consider passing on it for now (I upgraded to the N3DS XL from my old 3DS, mostly for the larger system to reduce hand cramps in addition to the new features).

    Please be aware that the New 3DS systems generally DO NOT INCLUDE A RECHARGER PLUG! This is a bit of a polarizing move as Nintendo has excluded this under the logic (which appears to be the standard in Japan) that you already have a recharger plug from a 2/3DS & don't need a new one. Bear this in mind if you're consider selling / trading / passing off your old system as this will become a factor (specially for selling / trading) in price negotiations.

  • 4 years ago

    If you like DS games, a 3DS plays DS games and also the exclusive 3DS games. It's really up to what you want.

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