Missing Xbox 360 Hard drive...and red light??

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My newer Xbox 360 E with a 4 gig drive was acting weird lately. This happened right after an update. Both Live profiles were gone as well as some save data. In the system settings my USB drive showed up but the HDD was unformatted. Thinking it became unseated, I opened it and the drive was gone. Someone stole it. Empty space and nothing inside.

To make things worse the Xbox froze, started to make a loud noise, and the red light came on the front of it. I quickly turned it off, unplugged everything, let it sit but nothing works now. No green light on the front, nothing happens when I hit the "on" button. Orange light on the power brick, but nothing else going on.

So... 1) is there anyway to figure out when the HDD was removed to narrow down the time frame to figure out who may have done this to me 2) is my Xbox dead? I'm guessing it overheated.

Also, I went on line and checked my Xbox accounts on my computer. My last log in was 5 days ago with the old profile. I'm not sure if that means the drive was taken out at that time, but it seems like that data was stored on the drive, not on my USB stick.

Any help to figure when the drive went missing would be great.

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  • opurt
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    The 4 GB model doesn't have a hard drive in that slot unless you added one yourself.

    That 4 GB is a built-in flash drive that's part of the system board. If the 4 GB wasn't showing anymore, then something was wrong with the main board itself. The missing flash drive was the first symptom and eventually the system board itself stopped working properly. If it's under warranty, call Microsoft and get it replaced.

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