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NFL: Super Bowl 50! The QB Battle! Your 2 below?


Peyton 2 Pints of HGH Manning fooled everyone after his aged and creaky frame is taking his show to Super Bowl L aka 50!

Meanwhile The Self Anointed Superman Cam Newton has proven he is ready for the Big Show!

Q 1. Who has the better arm AND accuracy for SBL (50): Peyton or Cam?

Q 2. Which QB will be able to MAKE that key 3rd Down & 15 Deep Out or Deep Slant route needed to extend a drive late in the Super Bowl L / 50?


Q 3. How will the following linemen protect their QB BEST against Defensive Ends or LBs?


LT Michael Oher / LG Andrew Norwell / C Ryan Kalil / RG Trai Turner / RT Mike Remmers


DeMarcus Ware & Von Miller as an example


LT Ryan Harris / LG Evan Mathis / C Matt Paradis / RG Louis Vasquez / RT Michael Schofield


Jared Allen & Luke Kuechly as an example

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    Q1. I think Cam has the better arm for sure, and probably the better accuracy. Manning did miss a couple throws that could have had Denver up by more vs. New England.

    Q2. Cam again. When Denver gets in 3rd and Long, they don't really take those deep shots, they throw underneath and hope for a nice run after the catch, or a running play and hope for enough yards.

    Q3. For Carolina, they all have to be quick. Miller and Ware were just blowing by their linemen yesterday. Wolfe and Jackson can also be very quick. I'd also like to point out that Denver was doing most of their damage with standard 4 man rushes, very few blitzes. If Denver does decide to bring the blitz, those linemen better be able to pick it up.

    For Denver, the guards and Schofield are very key. They haven't exactly been stellar this season and I'm surprised Schofield hasn't given up a sack. Jamie Collins was having success with delayed blitzes and shooting up the A-Gap. Mathis, Vasquez, and Garcia (they rotate those 3 through the guard slots) must be alert for those blitzes because Carolina will see it on the tape and they will try it out.

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  • Ditka
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    4 years ago

    Sorry I don't follow the grocery store tabloids when it comes to football..

    As far as Cam and Peyton... Well you can either go with the best mind in football in the QB slot and Peyton, or go with the physical abilities of Cam... I'm going with the football mind, but I do respect Cam's abilities. So it's a toss up to me. But I will admit.. Carolina looks damn good right now and pretty much the entire season.

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  • 4 years ago

    Cam, Cam, The Panthers have a way better line. Carolina will live in Denver's backfield.

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