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Arkansas teen rejected by Marines over Confederate flag tattoo. Any thoughts?

An Arkansas teen says he was turned down when he tried to join the U.S. Marine Corps because of his “Southern Pride” Confederate flag tattoo.

Anthony Bauswell, 18, of Greenbrier, Ark. shows his pride in his country upbringing with his tattoos, and to show pride in his country he walked into the Conway Marine recruiting center Monday to enlist.

When he showed the recruiter his body art, he was automatically disqualified from service.

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On opening this thread, I had no idea that it would be so hotly contested. This has to be the best one I've yet opened. And it doesn't surprise me at all that it would be in Military, probably the most solid section in YA because those who post here regularly really know what they're talking about (and don't suffer fools readily).

Thanks to all who've replied. I'll be back to pick a best answer in a couple of days.

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    Indeed.........many thoughts on it.

    First and foremost, as a Yankee......why are you PROUD of the side that LOST? didn't fight in the war, neither did your parents, or your, it's kinda like me getting a General Custer Tattoo..... it's a little like claiming stolen valor.

    You had NOTHING to do with it........weren't there.........didn't sacrifice , didn't suffer......damn sure didn't why are you drawing this on your arm? WHAT are you so proud of?

    Thirdly........only imbeciles stand there and swear it's not a racist tattoo. Yes , it damn sure is ......the exact reason the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, BANS it.

    The Tattoo regs were in place BEFORE he got that Tattoo. If joining was his Dream.......he should have looked up the tattoo regs first......before inking racist tats all over his skin.

    And whether HE believes it's a racist tat or not is IRREVELANT. It's a matter of how it LOOKS and is perceived by OTHERS. ----while he represents the Marine image.

    and since the MARINES are about forming a cohesive Can't have people in your UNIT, who are OFFENDED by your racist Tat.

    Black guys, and even some White guys, don't want your Slavery flag in their faces.

    Because just as PROUD as YOU are, of your Great great great , grandpappy, who once fought in the Confederate Army...........there might be someone who's great great great grandpappy was a UNION soldier........

    and continuing to suport that DIVIDE.......isn't what TODAY's Marines are about.

    TODAY.......we are all United States AMERICANS......and we wear the Stars and STRIPES on our uniforms........NOT the Stars and Bars.

    The flag represents those who wished to tear that very union apart.

    Right or's the side that LOST . You don't get to wear the ENEMIES battle flag into THEIR camp.

    It's that simple.

    Would you try to join with a Nazi Flag, or a Japanese flag during WW2?

    It's obviously going to be offensive to some.......and for that reason's a controversial tat......and therefore prohibited.

    and with all the WHO-HA in the press lately over the flag flap.........I'd wager he KNEW that, BEFORE he got the Tat.

    So even his story sounds a little fishy......since he claims to be where have you been the last 2 years? Living under a rock?????? It sounds like more to me, that someone is looking for their 15 minutes of becoming a poster boy--- not trying to actually enter the Marines.

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    Confederate Flag Tattoos For Guys

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    For awhile, my Army recruiting battalion was doing the same thing. It isn't fears of the applicant being racist, it is fears of what his or her fellow servicemembers may think of the tattoo.

    People in the south may look at the Confederate Flag as southern pride. However, people in the military come from all over the country and while that was common in North Carolina where I recruited (one of the black recruits my station put in and his father came in wearing hats with Confederate flags on it), people from up north where I am from felt that the flag was a symbol of slavery.

    It doesn't matter what it actually means, what matters is how people interpret it and most of the time the military will reject you based on how it may be interpreted by your fellow troops due to the possibility of lowering morale and causing conflict. Two things that don't mix well in combat are low morale and conflict among the ranks.

    If people don't agree with it then they can always do a Congressional inquiry, since the military answers to Congress.

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    If this story is true then this young man was obviously not provided with adequate education, mentoring or vocational training. One who is serious about joining the Forces does not decorate the body with tattoos or symbols, (especially not of a flag that is recognised to be of a racist nature), so I doubt the story really is true. That none advised him of this prior to the interview process seems extremely peculiar and borderline ridiculous. Did no one advise him that he could have worn his haka on the inside; that it is not essential to wear a tattoo for any reason?

    Very simple article below about tattoos and the Marines:

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    As he should have been. A military unit needs to be able to function as a unit, and there needs to be trust. Imagine black recruits seeing that flag tattoo in the shower. Do you think those guys would be able to trust that guy to watch their backs? That symbol means a lot , just like a swastika, would you have one tattooed on your chest? That would be an insult to the people who fought and died to get rid of a monster like Hitler. A soldier is expected to uphold the values of his country, and if this teenager truly wants to represent his country, he'll have that tattoo removed. But there will be a scar, and he almost certainly will be asked about it.

    He took poison when he had the tat done. And personally, I wouldn't want to fight alongside someone so stupid that he can't see that his tattoo is insulting to me or the people that I have to rely on to survive.

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    Semper Fidelis is the logo of the Marines. Always Loyal. The kid had a rebel tattoo. If the kid was too dumb to know that he can go down to the next recruiter and try there. Because if the kid is too dumb to know that he's too dumb to know that if one branch turned him down for cause so will the rest.

    For all the ribbing us Squids gave our Jarhead friends that they were still looking for those few good men, they were always the ones we wanted around in a pinch. We never wanted them to lower their standards to the point they would take this idiot kid.

    Go flip burgers idiot kid.

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    The Marines don't like losers or those that are proud of losers. The Confederate flag symbolizes nothing someone should be proud of. It is the symbol of a losing Army fighting for the right to be racist. And as of the past couple decades they don't like racists.

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    It's anti-american

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    The U.S. Military has a STRICT Tattoo Policy and I fully support it.

    Tattoo/s ARE UGLY, Especially on Beautiful women.

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