Can someone who knows Discrete math help me? simple?

Where can I find similar exercises with solutions or something that will give me basic ideas how to do this finite deterministic automata? I want three types: with concatenation, union/disjunction, and Kleene closure. I will really appreciate your answers and will be really happy. Thanks in advance for the answers

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  • 5 years ago
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    If memory serves, every sentence of L begins with abb and finishes with 0 or more occurrences of a. i.e. L= {aab, aaba, aabaa, aabaaa, ... }

    The state machine is simple, starting with:

    S0 ---(a)---> S1 ---(a)---> S2 ---(b)---> S3

    S0 is your start state. Draw an edge from S3 back to S3 accepting the letter a. S3 is your stop state. It should be graphically clear that to get from S0 to S3 you need the input to start with a, a, b; and then the machine will accept as many a's as are present in the input.

  • 5 years ago


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