Views on Gun Control?

Yes this is the 21st century yes Society has become civilized however guns are still part of this world for better or worse. Criminals use guns the Government use guns why can citizens not have them who pays taxes and makes a honest living? How can they act as if the average citizen is going to go out on a shooting spree or join a terrorist organization. If anything given all the terrorist attacks and shooting spe wouldn't it make since for you to want a gun. I believe the general of Japan in WW2 when asked about invading America that behind every blade of grass if a US citizen whiling to die for his country. Guns don't kill people people kill people and if somebody's going to kill someone there not going to obeay the law they'll find a gun and where do they go gun free zones. Gun have both the capacity to kill and defend, they also do not turn people crazy the truth of the matter is if your crazy without a gun you'll be crazy with a gun. Every government in history who had disarms the population has also taken many other rights away. No I'm not a perponet of going old west style but think about it how many shooting spe's were there in the old west? The sad truth of the matter once guns go the only people who will have them is the government and criminals, history however had taught Use time and time again that criminals and governments become one of the same. Guns are a deterrent to Tyranny by government. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are not the be infringed upon.

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  • Robbin
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    4 years ago
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    One of the most dangerous places is a "gun free zone" since the bad guys will still have them but law-abiding citizens can't. How many people could have been saved if someone had been packing during any of the mass shootings? There's a reason these criminals go to gun-free zones -- they know they won't have any resistance and they can easily pull off their evil deed!

    All the people praising countries like England where you can't have guns are delusional. Per capita, their violent crime is MUCH higher!

    If you don't want a gun, don't get one. but don't tell me I can't have one!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The crime rates around the world show that we no longer have a civil civilization!

    Where society is at is well past the zenith and we are becoming more uncivilized every second!

    The reason for removing guns right now from the ownership of private citizens has to do with maintain the position of pre-eminence of those with money and hence power. If guns are allowed to remain in the hands of the farmers- then they will have a way to stop those who will soon be forced to flee the cities because of infrastructure failure!

    Take a look at Flint Michigan where those with money forced the poor people to drink lead tainted water! Pure water right now is seen by those with money as something that should be a luxury item! Just go to the store and look at the names of big corporations that are marketing good water. These are the same money interests (not corporations) that polluted the water in the rivers.

    Sorry but reality says if we do not force everyone to surrender their means of self defense right now- order can not be maintained world wide for much more then twenty years!

    At least if we all give up our guns now- we can be assured that we can have a long miserable slow fall into anarchy!

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  • Pearl
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    4 years ago

    Please let me say that I don't like guns. When I was a child in the 60's my dad shot and killed himself in our house with five kids there due to depression. Then years later a little 72 year old neighbor was brutally raped in her home. The next day I went and bought a 38 Special which I have to this day, There is no need of having any gun control because that is just for the honest people. I would gladly surrender my gun if all the crooks in the world would do the same. We know that isn't going to happen. So for now I'll keep mine.

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  • 4 years ago

    America's gun laws are the craziest in the world. You don't have to be Einstein to realize that the more guns there are in society, the more people will be killed by guns. A gun kept in a private home in USA is 22 times more likely to be used to shoot a good guy than a bad guy according to Brady Gun Control website.

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  • 4 years ago

    Look… Many of the liberals that attack the 2nd amendment, do so with good intentions. They really think that the solution to the gun violence issue is to just get rid of the guns.

    Liberals don’t want to look inward & realize that the real problem is the breakdown of society, brought fourth by liberal policies. Kids used to have both a mom & a dad in the house & they went to church & there was a solid foundation to keep everyone on the rails.

    Enter Liberal “progressives.”

    Liberal feminists told women that “marriage is a prison” & “you should be in the workforce instead of at home” & all sorts of other messages that turned women away from the role of mother & as the unsung head & manager of the household. Oh, & not to mention the “men are evil… and you don’t need them” message was another horrible feminist offering that unfortunately, took hold quite successfully.

    When motherhood was completely de-valued… kids that would have been raised by their own loving & nurturing mother… were raised in a daycare… staring at a tv… & learning from the other kids who were also warehoused. That’s nowhere near as good.

    In the old days… bringing a gun to school & shooting other students wasn’t a problem. It was unheard of. Kids were raised properly. Parents shared LIFE responsibilities… not “breadwinning and breadwinning only”

    So when kids learn that “your parents are too busy… fend for yourself” and “There is no god… fend for yourself” …Kids are having to “fend for themselves.”

    Getting rid of the traditional role of “mom” as the family glue was one of the worst things that has happened to modern American society.

    An overly stressed “working mom” that often times has kicked dad to the curb because he didn’t “worship her like a goddess” the way modern media prescribes… comes home, stressed to the max & doesn’t have adequate time for the modern kid.

    There are too many bad influences in 2016. There are too many ways to go off the right path.

    Put a gun in the hand of a kid in 1955… the kid puts it down & tells his parents / cops there’s a gun around.

    Put a gun in the hand of a kid in 2016… & you’d better duck or get a kevlar vest… or both.

    Guns don’t kill people. Misguided & lost youth kill people.

    Guns aren’t the problem.

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  • 4 years ago

    Some people are intellectually capable to settle their differences with a peaceful debate. Other people, like Conservatives, just use guns and shoot people who disagree with them. Like abortion clinics. And Abraham Lincoln.

    Note: Abe Lincoln by todays standard is a Liberal.

    As a intelligent human being, I understand we need guns in order to survive. We were not born with claws, or talons, or fangs.

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  • Mike
    Lv 5
    4 years ago

    Gun control is a good eye, a steady hand and hitting your target.

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  • 4 years ago

    Only criminals like gun control

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  • 4 years ago

    They try to say gun deaths are an epidemic but yet there is little proof of that.

    Knives are used more often and so are hammers.

    The only thing that makes sense is the corrupt Government we and our forefather have feared has come knocking for them.

    The 2nd amendment wasn't about hunting rights, but the very thing that's happening now, the lies and propaganda war between the free people and their government.

    • Graeme4 years agoReport

      Nonsense. Countries with strict gun control have much lower violent crime than USA. Also, it is much easier to kill someone with a gun than a knife or hammer.

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  • John
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    So we now have your view on gun ownership, what is your question?

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