Why is my cartilage piercing swollen?

I got my 2 cartilage piercings about 5 months ago, and I was cleaning it with a salt and water solutions for the first 2/3 months. It seems like it was healing fine but for some reason my ear where I got the piercings has been swollen for a few weeks now. It's occasionally a bit red too and I've noticed that it gets crusty around the earing but it doesn't hurt when I touch it or sleep on it so I don't think it's infected.

So I was wondering why is it swollen and how can I get it back to normal? Should I start cleaning it again?

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  • 5 years ago
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    It is 100% infected.

    Yes, clean it! This is the reason why it got infected. Wash your hands before touching the earring, dont play with it when your hands are dirty or stop playing with it.

    Put some ice in a ziplock with water to cool your ear down. Use a paper towel and put some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on it and clean it (it may sting, a lot). Use an antibacterial like neosporin on the ear when you get home from school (leave it on for 3-4 hours and clean it off using water and a paper towel (gently).

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  • Laura
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    5 years ago

    IT takes 6 - 12 months to fully heal, so you need to clean them 2 times a day for that entire time. It is swollen and crusty around the piercing because you are not cleaning it. You should clean it for at least another 3 months, because you have really not helped the healing process progress at all.

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