Marine One is grounded by a flurry. Obama had to sit in traffic. Was this payback for his insults?

The article talks about an inch of snow. No, it was less than a half inch. Flurries. But the United States Marines wouldn't fly in it.

"Sorry, Sir, but it is just too dangerous to fly in this 'storm'." <snicker>

His Highness had to spend three hours in traffic. Do you think this was payback for his insults toward the military during his State of the Union? Are the Marines sort of showing Him their back at last?

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    Okay, now that we have a childish "question" that casts aspersions on the crew of Marine One I will answer as a former Naval Flight Officer who happens to know exactly and precisely why Marine One was grounded...and it has NOTHING to do with anything political.

    It's really very simple and an absolute rule for military aviation for all branches.

    Visible icing with no means to de-ice means the aircraft will not be flying. Along with the snow, prior to any real accumulation, there is humidity. That humidity gathers on the wings or rotors (which are wing surfaces) and as the temperature drops it makes the conversion to frost/ice. This is especially true with helicopter rotor blades which are thin and very subject to wind chill.

    There is no de-icing capability at the White House because there is no hangar, but Marine One is pre-positioned ahead of time to ensure that it will actually be available when required. Without de-icing and the ability to remove all visible ice/frost the aircraft/helicopter cannot fly according to the NATOPS (Naval Training and Operations) manual section on Flight Safety.

    Now for the reason - and I will put it in terms of a mission I had to miss because of heavy visible frost. The airfoil on a wing OR on a rotor determines the amount of lift generated throughout the speed range. The thicker the wing chord (thickness in relation to width) the less lift per square foot.

    When you add ice or even heavy frost you actually change and reduce the lift of the airfoil and you also add drag. Where it would have normally taken my aircraft about 5200 feet of runway on a 5700 foot runway to take off, the addition of the frost meant a reduction in overall lift and an increase in drag such that we were looking at a 7100 foot takeoff roll on a 5700 foot runway. Pretty simple math why we did not fly.

    For the helicopter - rotors are actually rotating wing airfoils - the same applies for icing or visible frost that cannot be completely removed prior to flight. Whatever ice or frost was present on the Marine One rotors served to reduce the available lift at all ranges of RPM.

    The bottom line is that the Aircraft Commander of Marine One inspected his aircraft as a professional Marine Aviator and simply followed basic NATOPS procedures regarding flight safety.

    Therefore, your <snicker> comes because you obviously have no knowledge of military aviation and because you do not understand the nature of Marines. I was not a Marine, but my Drill Instructor was Staff Sergeant L.E. Wills, USMC,and he made clear to us what is expected of Marines, and especially my fellow Navy/Marine Aviators.

    I am certain you think you were being "cute", but you have insulted the professionalism of Marine Aviation and you need to post an apology...of which you are incapable, I am quite certain.

    Your post is silly, pointless, and exhibits just how totally clueless you are.

    Source(s): 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran - Navy Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer
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    Mother nature .

    It was might have been more of an issue of the winds. Winds at airplane (FAA) levels tend to be higher than at ground level.

    The FAA has the final ruling on grounding any and all air traffic due to wind and other weather issues.

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    You are an idiot. Any responsible and honorable marine would do their utmost to respect and serve the commander and chief. Anything else would be subject for court martial.

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    5 years ago

    Your question is an insult to the USMC. Marines are far too honorable to engage in your childish Refucklican antics.

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    The President hasn't insulted anyone.

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    You obviously have no idea of how the military works.

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    Oh grow up, child.

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    5 years ago

    Your post just makes you seem stupid.

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