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I'm afraid that my parents are going to make me share everything my bf gives me?

I'm the middle kid so I forced to share everything as it is. I'm afraid that once I do get a boyfriend and if he does give me something they're going to make me share. I'm not saying he should give me stuff either. But if he does give me something like flowers, I feel like my mom would force me to put them on the dining room table so everyone could enjoy them and they wouldn't just be in my room. Or if he gave me a box of candy or something they would require me to share it. I'm not saying that I can't share some things, I'm used to it for the most part. But how do I keep them from making me share EVERYTHING just because I'm the middle kid?

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    Sod that. YOUR present is YOUR present. What you get from your BF is personal and nobody's business. Put it in your room where it belongs and if your room is raided put a lock on the door.

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  • 4 years ago

    Maybe you have a problem sharing. Nothing to do with being in the middle. I would expect your mother to treat you like your older brother or sister.( unless that did not work, then I would expect them to try something different with you) .

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