There's a scab by my lip piercing?

So I got my lip pierced 16 days goo or 2weeks basically and since about 2days ago there's this scab right under my piercing that wasn't there before, I've taken care of my piercing, I do the sea salt soaks, I use dial and I use ach-free mouth wash. There was never a scar there from my piercing and it's not showing any signs of infection and it's definitely not lypm(however you spell it) because I've been able to soak and wash that away but this isn't going anywhere. And even worse if i move my piercing( I have a hoop in now) it's burns like hell for about 7secs but it's only right where the scab is it burns everywhere else doesn't hurt. The pain isn't tolerable but I've felt worse so I just sit there. It's not throbbing run but it was last night only. I get crusties I just wash them away with a qtip but every time I think the scab is gone I feel my face once it dries and it's smooth until you get to the scab. It's not big at all and barely noticeable but I just hate when It moves and it just burns. Also when my face is wet and I move it it doesn't burn at all. It's only once my face is dried off its hurts


To the ones that aren't here to help please go bother someone else

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  • 4 years ago
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    I would stop doing the sea salt soaks, it's drying up your skin. Use spectro gel and water to clean it, continue mouthwashing.

  • I have cuts (scars) on my arm that still scab over and bleed years later from time to time. It seems that the scar tissue itself is healing.

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