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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 4 years ago

How would The Professional Wrestling fans make World Wrestling Entertainment &/Or Professional Wrestling as a whole better?

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  • 4 years ago
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    1. reduce Live TV... it sounds counter intuitive but with no real competition, there is no need to keep up the cost burden

    2. Raw to two Hours

    3. get Superstars and/or Main Event back in Syndication in the US...

    4. make PPVs matter... non finishes and swerves, and screwiness are fine for TV; if people are investing money in the product, minimize the 'abuse'

    5. share the wealth... WWE has at present 7 hours of original content a week; there is no reason why Healthy Talent is stuck on the pre show or kept off TV unless they are getting revamped

    6. if the win/loss is not important to the angle... flip a coin... big picture this should still come out 50/50... but it'll shut up the smarks

    7. Play by Play and Color is more than just having two or three guys talk while a match happens

    8. Throw the House show Crowds a Bone...Could you imagine the attention they'd get if instead of ADR/Kalisto trading the Belt on Raw & SD! last week they would have had Kalisto Win on SD! keep it until a weekend House show, and have ADR show up on Monday with the Belt again. same effect of ADR reclaiming the belt, but now you've given people the hope of seeing a shocking loss at a non TV event

    9. Kill the Authority angle... its at what 2.5 years already, has mutated in so many ways as to hardly count as the same entity, and it's not a sellable 'Brand'... it doesn't matter if HHH eventually starts a 4th (or 5th?) Faction at Survivor Series... just put the Authority down and give us 6-9 months of a Face/Neutral

    10. Time Off... 10 weeks a Year... even if not off TV, at least out of the ring... let the small injuries heel before they become big injuries

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    4 years ago

    Bring back the territories, no punching with a closed fist, ask him ref, bring back public warnings, lay off the ears, seconds out round two, more masked wrestlers, more bar arms and nelsons, a fair and transparent points and judging system, ten counts, just bleed, more Russkies Japs and Dutchmen, and most importantly get all the lazy wimps with no respect for the intelligence of the viewer who can neither act nor fight but just want attention and think they are oh so cool to sod off!

    Golden rule I just invented, use it if you will be true regardless: if you can't make it look real, make it look good, if you can't make it look good, make it look funny, if you can't make it look funny, stay home!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    * Ditch the PG-13 matches for something more mature and exciting

    * Keep storylines consistent and tight.

    * Make Vince McMahon a steady fixture on RAW (he gets people worked up in his signature style)

    * Give Bray Wyatt a meaner, harder heel push (he's all talk, little action)

    * Divas in a bikini steel cage match (just for kicks)

    * Seth Rollins reuniting with The Shield

    * Bring back Kane and make him part of The Shield (as an "enforcer" in the same vein as Braun Strowman is for the Wyatts)

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