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so why did the Oracle say Neo wasn't the one?

in the movie called A Matrix

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    It can be a bit complicated, there's a ton of symbolism and foreshadowing in that conversation alone. But in short, the Oracle's purpose is to guide people to their future, not simply tell them it. For example, what if she told Neo he was the One? Would he start acting more arrogant and reckless? He would only act like the One because everyone told him too, not because he actually believed it.

    On the other hand, she told him he wasn't. Right then and there he wasn't truly the One either. He didn't believe in himself and was just thrown into this mess. Instead she subtly manipulated him in the conversation which would set him on the path to realizing his potential and following the path of the One of his own free will.

    It's like taking a tree sapling and placing an apple on it, it would be crushed because it's not ready. But give it time to grow and mature and it'll be strong enough to hold dozens of apples. She was trying to guide Neo to the path where he can grow and build a strong foundation on himself first. That's the gist of it at least. There's also speculation that the cookie she gave him was actually a program that helped him along.

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