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1.) According to one theory, who were the earliest people to come to the Americas?


African tribesmen


Roman warriors

2.) What was one effect of the Colombian Exchange on Europeans?

improved techniques for building homes

new ideas about government

a smallpox epidemic that lasted for generations

new foods including corn and potatoes

3.) Why was the colony of Jamestown founded?

to honor King James

new food sources

so investors could make money

establish Quaker colony

4.) What is one challenge that George Washington and the nation faced during his presidency?

putting the nation's finances in order

eliminating political parties founded during the Constitutional Convention

determining the representation from each state

building a fleet of ships to protect the coast

5.) Which was NOT one of the causes of the War of 1812?

British resentment about the Revolution

trade restrictions

impressment of American sailors

recapture of colonial territory

6.) Which was NOT a result of the construction of the Erie Canal?

Construction boomed along the canal route

Employment opportunities grew, especially for immigrants.

The cost of transporting goods dropped significantly.

Federal financing became more readily available.

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  • keith
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    4 years ago

    1. Romans

    2. Smallpox

    3. Food

    4. Ships

    5. British resentment

    6 Finance

    Source(s): Professor of History, Harvard
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The first question is badly worded. Which "one theory" are they talking about? I could show you a theory claiming that on every one of those. Asians were the first when they crossed the Bering Strait but it depends on how you interpret "first".

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