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NFL: The Los Angeles Rams! Your 2 below?

The Rams move West! Potentially the Chargers or Raiders could join them, or take the $100 million offered by the league to stay where they currently reside.

Q 1. Do you predict that Owner Kroenke opts for a color change for the LA Rams? Relatedly If YOU had his undivided attention about the new colors what colors would you choose?

Q 2. What does it say about St Louis football fans that the NFL voted the Rams return to their former city? eg: low attendance etc


Q 3. Do you predict Los Angeles surpasses ticket sales expectations compared to St Louis?

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    Q1. If I were Stan, I'd switch back to the traditional yellow and blue uniforms.

    Q2. I keep hearing the stadium wasn't that great, but considering Oakland continues to bring in decent crowds with their crappy stadium why couldn't St. Louis? There are some fans there that were die-hards and will miss them, but St. Louis really is a baseball city.

    Q3. Yes and No. The LA Coliseum where the Rams will initially play holds 33,000 more people than the Edward Jones Dome. With a new team coming, I expect LA to have pretty high ticket sales and fill up the Coliseum more than the Edward Jones Dome. Then I expect the attendance to stay high when the new stadium opens, but I do expect that the attendance numbers will dip after a few years. To me, LA seems set on their basketball and baseball, not football.

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    Good move, LA needs a team. I predict they will keep the current colors for a year or two - they never really changed from the old Blue & Gold of the original LA Rams, just made it a bit edgier in the 2000's.

    St Louis has always been a Baseball town and continues to be, apparently. One cannot fault the franchise - in less than 20 years they made it to the Super Bowl twice, which is more than they did in their previous 30 years as the LA Rams.

    I definitely expect LA Rams ticket sales to exceed St Louis Rams - bigger fan base hungry for a team after such a long absence! They will get some immediate return fans too.

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    5 years ago

    I still slip up and call them the LA Rams... St. Louis was never a good fit.

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